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What was discussed at the latest Sighthill Campus Improvement Group?

Here are the main issues discussed at the Sighthill Campus Improvement Group held on Tuesday, 26 November. Where possible, these issues have been referred to the relevant person/service department.
  • Gardening Club and Recycling in Labs - both projects are proving to be very successful and further work is planned in relation to minimising future waste and using ethical suppliers


  • Canteen Food – lack of provision for those who are vegetarian/vegan


  • Theft of food from fridges on campus


  • Recent increase in vandalism (mainly in the East Car Park)


  • Availability of meeting rooms/classrooms with more flexible space


  • Bathrooms – red cords and menstruation stations


  • Displays on walls/doors on campus


  • Noise in the library area


  • Signage at the entrance to the car park


  • Provision for cyclists to dry clothes


  • Water provision on levels 1,2,3,4 (hot/cold taps are installed on levels 5,6,7)


  • Repairs to main lift on campus






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