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​​​​​​​Student Decision and Status Related Codes 

The Academic Registrar, through the School Support Service team, is responsible for ensuring that the list of Student Decisions and Student Statuses are annually monitored by Quality & Standards Committee. At the last meeting of each academic session the Quality & Standards Committee therefore receive a paper to confirm the decision and the student status codes for use the following academic session. 

If you have any questions or feedback on content or format of this page please contact Victoria Harte (as PASS Enhancement Group Convenor). 

To access the student status related codes for 2023/24 please click here​.

Student Decision Codes s​​ession 2023/24  

Session 2023/24 is the first during which Student Decisions are housed through the School Support Service pages. Any links to the codes by the Department of Learning and Teaching are drawn from below source. 


Module Decis​​ion:​

Each module has a decision applied. Some are automatically populated by the student record system (AP/AF). Other codes are added manually during the Programme Assessment Board processes by S3 staff (RP, EX and EA).


Students are provided with decision code information, including what each code on their Record of Academic Achievement means, on My Napier


Programme Assessment​ Board Decisions:

Undergraduate Programme Board Decision Codes 2023/24​ V2 - published Nov 23 Taught Postgraduate Programme Board Decision Codes 2023/24 ​V2 - published Nov 23


S3 Flowc​​​​harts:

To assist S3 staff when preparing for and support at Assessment ​Boards the following decision-making flow charts are available. These flowcharts present the information in the Programme Board Decisions/ Codes in a different format (noting update to reflect change to MFRAM and MFR to be added). There are four flowcharts available as follows: