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Welcome to the Timetabling pages for staff. Timetabling is at the heart of the student experience; the timetabling team works with academic colleagues to optimise our timetable provision for students and staff. We provide personalised (individual) timetables to on-campus students and staff. We do not provide timetables for Global Online or TNE Programmes.

With 3 campuses, 85 general teaching spaces, approx. 200 specialist spaces and over 1800 modules, we work hard to ensure the timetable provides the best experience for our students and staff. Our University timetabling system deals with over 78,000 hours teaching activities per academic year and more than 35,000 Resource Booker bookings.


Timetabling Pages

The following pages are designed to provide teaching staff with information about the timetabling processes and policy.

These pages contain useful information about the timetabling process, including advice on planning and some general principles to assist you with preparing your timetabling requests. ​There are also sections which explain our timetabling data collection process, staff availability process and the module timetable review process (when we release the draft module timetable to staff).​




The below links to our current Web Timetables, where all staff can access their timetable along with student, programme, module and location timetables. 

There is also a link to the MyNapier​ Timetabling page, which has all the information our students may need. 

Web Timetables 2023/24

Teaching Space Information 

We have 85 general teaching spaces and over 200 specialist spaces at Edinburgh Napier. The link below provides information about our teaching spaces. For general teaching spaces, this includes information about the type of room, the layout and the capacity. 

If you have any queries about specialist teaching spaces, please contact your School Technical Manager in the first instance. 


Timetabling Forms

These quick links will take you to our timetabling forms. 


2024/25 Publication Schedules

​Date Trimester 1 ​Publication Dates
​w/c 27th June 2024
​Trimester 1 Draft Module Timetable Available to staff for review
w/c 1st July 2024
​Trimester 1 Module Timetable published to staff and students
w/c 29th July 2024
​Trimester 1 Individual Timetables available to continuing students (except those with Reassessments)
w/c 26th Aug 2024
​​Trimester 1 Individual Timetables available to new students and continuing students with Reassessments

​Date Trimesters 2 and 3 ​Publication Dates
w/c 11th Nov 2024
​Trimesters 2 and 3 Draft Module Timetable Available to staff for review
​w/c 25th Nov 2024
​Trimesters 2 and 3 Module Timetable published to staff and students
w/c 16th Dec 2024
​Trimesters 2 and 3 Individual Timetables available to continuing students (except those with Reassessments)
w/c 26th Jan 2025
​​Trimesters 2 and 3 Individual Timetables available to new students​ and continuing students with Reassessments 

​Contact Details


If you wish to communicate with the school timetabling administrators, please remember to use the generic email addresses. 

​School ​​Contact Email
School of Applied Sciences​ SASTimetabling@napier.ac.uk
​School of Arts and Creative Industries ​SACITimetabling@napier.ac.uk
​School of Computing Engineering and the Built Environment
​School of Health and Social Care ​SHSCTimetabling@napier.ac.uk
The Business School​
​ENU International​​ College