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If ​you are a member and have any queries, then please contact us at UNISON@napier.ac.uk


Branch Committee 2021/22

Chairperson - Sharon Nairn, S.Nairn@napier.ac.uk​ 

Branch Secretary - Grant Cullen, G.Cullen@napier.ac.uk​

Vice-Chairperson - Derek Baird, D.Baird@napier.ac.uk 

Treasurer - Stefan Lehneke, S.Lehneke@napier.ac.uk  

Welfare Officer - Morag Cherry, M.Cherry@napier.ak.uk


Health & Safety Representative

Stephen Paterson, S.Paterson@napier.ak.uk


Membership and Communication Officer

Kirsty Connell-Skinner, k.connell-skinner@napier.ac.uk​



Derek Baird, Ext 5641, d.baird@napier.ac.uk

Grant Cullen, Ext 6313, g.cullen@napier.ac.uk

Stevie Kearney, s.kearney@napier.ac.uk

Susan Lorimer, s.lorimer@napier.ac.uk

Georgina Jamieson, g.jamieson@napier.ac.uk

Julie McGregor, j.mcgregror@napier.ac.uk

Rab Bell, r.bell2@napier.ac.uk