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​Introducing RIO

The Research and Innovation Office (RIO) supports research activity across the University. Led by Professor Nick Antonopoulos, we have a dedicated team assisting academics and research students across the University.

Our address

Research and Innovation Office
Edinburgh Napier University
Room H18, Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5DT

RIO Leadership 

Vice Principal of Research and Innovation: Prof Nick Antonopoulos - ext 2425 - N.Antonopoulos@napier.ac.uk

Head of Research Funding and Services: Norman Turner - ext 6362 - n.turner@napier.ac.uk

RIO are working with Professorial Leads across the Schools in key Research and Innovation areas to provide academic leadership and assist in close collaboration between RIO and the academic community. We also work closely with the School Directors of Research to ensure we are providing the appropriate support required for the Schools and to ensure consistency in implementation of research initiatives and processes.


General Enquiries

For all general enquiries or if you are uncertain who is best to contact, please get in touch with our general support staff who will be very glad to help:

RIO AdministratorAngela McNaughton - ext 6302 - a.mcnaughton@napier.ac.uk

RIO AssistantSandra Reid - ext 6415 - s.reid@napier.ac.uk


Business Engagement

Arts & Creative Industries: TBC

Business: TBC

Computing: TBC

Engineering & Built Environment: TBC

Applied Sciences: Fiona Mason - ext 3357 - f.mason@napier.ac.uk

Health & Social Care: Fiona Mason - ext 3357 - f.mason@napier.ac.uk


External Funding (R&I Managers)

We can help with all aspects of winning and managing funding. Each School has a dedicated Research and Innovation Manager, who should be the first point of contact for funding and Research Management System related enquiries.


External Funding, Business: Ian Anderson - ext 2285 - i.anderson@napier.ac.uk

Arts & Creative Industries: Carol Johnstone - ext 6300​ - C.Johnstone@napier.ac.uk

Engineering & Built Environment: Sharon McGettrick - ext 6300 - S.McGettrick@napier.ac.uk

Applied Sciences: Nina Hakanpaa - ext 6526 - n.hakanpaa@napier.ac.uk

Health & Social Care: Paula Stevenson - ext  6009 - ​P.Stevenson@napier.ac.uk

Computing: Carol Johnstone - ext 6300 - C.Johnstone@napier.ac.uk

Sharon McGettrick ​​Carol Johnstone Carol Johnstone​ Paula Stevenson Nina Hakanpaa Ian Anderson

Research Information Management

Head of Research Governance: Lindsay Ramage - ext 2946 - l.ramage@napier.ac.uk

Senior Content ProducerCallum Egan - ext 2790 - callum.egan@napier.ac.uk​

REF Manager: Ceri Bain - ext 6368 - c.bain@napier.ac.uk

REF Officers: Alison McIlveen - ext 6142 - A.McIlveen@napier.ac.uk | Elaine Lambie - ext 6366 - e.lambie@napier.ac.uk


External Projects

External Projects Manager: Wendy Steven - ext 6440 - w.steven@napier.ac.uk

Contracts: Alistair Wallace - ext 2447 - a.wallace@napier.ac.uk

External Projects Officers:
Debbie Ratcliffe: ext - 2448 - d.ratcliffe@napier.ac.uk
Sheila Sutherland: ext - 3325 - s.sutherland@napier.ac.uk
Colin Scott: ext - 4304 - C.Scott2@napier.ac.uk
Shona Sharp: ext - 6524 - s.sharp@napier.ac.uk
Lisa Bews: ext - 5611 - l.bews@napier.ac.uk


Researcher Development

Head of Researcher Development: Grainne Barkess - ext 3341 - g.barkess@napier.ac.uk

Research and Innovation Administrator (Integrity): Ali Stapley - ext 2269 - A.Stapley@napier.ac.uk

Public Engagement Officer: Dawn Smith - ext 3354 - dawn.smith@napier.ac.uk


Research Degrees

Research Degrees Officer: Annie Ogletree - ext 5032 - a.ogletree@napier.ac.uk

Research Degrees Assistants:
Karen Henderson - ext 2606 - k.henderson@napier.ac.uk (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
*Karen is on maternity leave until the end of 2020
Judith Wilson: ext 2606 - j.wilson@napier.ac.uk (Thursday and Friday)