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​Our Teams

Curriculum Environment

The team is responsible for our Curriculum Management Environment, which is an evolving holistic environment that manages the processes and policies of developing, maintaining, and improving all provision offered by Edinburgh Napier University. Provision includes all types of curricula such as module, programmes, short courses, credit / non-credit bearing and commercial. The Curriculum Management Team manages the Curriculum Management environment (CME), which includes the Akari system.

The team manages the structure, organisation, assessment, and pedagogy of our provision to ensure it is fit for the future whilst maintaining relationships with all stakeholders that support the end-to-end curriculum record.

The team works closely with the School Quality & Accreditation Teams who are responsible, alongside our academic colleagues, for the contents of the CME. ​

Business & Leadership Support

The Business & Leadership Support teams are responsible for the effective and efficient operation of local support to our academic schools. Through our financial processing and research support the teams link in with other local teams to ensure we operate in compliance with critical procedures and regulatory frameworks. The core activities undertaken by our Business & Leadership teams vary slightly between campuses but can include offering the following professional services:

  • Finance – Purchasing and travel requests, school, technical and project finance support. Reporting and budget monitoring.
  • Estates – Student, professional services and academic office and space planning, room moves, office maintenance& refurbishment, room keys ordering. 
  • Committee Servicing – Supporting school committees and groups, setting up meetings, preparing meeting agenda and minutes.
  • Planning and Business Intelligence - Work Allocation Model (WAM) academic workload data collation and reporting, public engagement reporting. Student recruitment support.
  • People Matters – Casual and demonstrator contacts, expenses and payment claims
  • Research & Enterprise – Research student (PGR) support, recruitment, research projects and events support, project and CPD support
  • ENU / Schools events – supporting University and school wide events support e.g. Open Days Offer Holder Days, school and subject group events and meetings, research events
  • Health & Safety - Managing health & safety procedures for the School Support Service ​

Graduate Apprenticeships

The Graduate Apprenticeships team is responsible for the support of our Graduate Apprentice students, their employers and academic staff across SCEBE and The Business School.

The team includes support for all Graduate Apprenticeship student activities, business development, marketing, recruitment, and support for employer partners, and continuous improvement of our GA programmes. The team is based in Merchiston campus.​

Programme & Student Support (School Offices)​

The Programme and Student Support (PaSS) Teams are often referred to as the 'school offices' and are at the heart of our academic schools for both our students and the academic community.  As such they are the go-to destination for a wide range of support and advice, often sign-posting assistance available from other professional service colleagues.

The PaSS teams provide the local school administration associated with the student lifecycle, from registration (matriculation) to graduation, and the related programmes and modules. The core activities undertaken by teams vary slightly between campuses but can include offering the following professional services:

  • Acting as the first point of contact for general queries from colleagues and students regarding modules and programmes, whilst signposting other services.
  • Administration needed to support module selection and enrolment.  
  • Timetable creation, resolution of problems and answering queries.
  • Student, Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) and Boards of Study (BoS) and arrangements & clerking 
  • Provision of transcripts, bespoke letters and completion of forms for students when required.
  • Supporting the Programme Assessment Boards and related processes, including marks collation & entry, paper generation and annotation, clerking, provision of expert advice and entry of decisions to the student records system.
  • Processing student change of circumstances requests, such as suspensions of study, withdrawal and transfers.   
  • Supporting student retention, through communicating clearly with students.
  • Supporting Moodle access  
  • Supporting Extenuating Circumstances and Academic Appeals  
  • The local administration in support of Academic Integrity outcomes
  • Assessment administration, including preparation of examination papers.
  • Supporting student induction, Welcome Week calendars and open days 

School Quality & Accreditation Team

The School Quality and Accreditation Teams provide the administration needed to support the provision lifecycle: from creating a new Provision and Modules; to approval for Teaching; updates to provisions; and provision monitoring.

The Team works closely with academic colleagues, professional service colleagues, external examiners and external Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). The core activities undertaken by Quality and Accreditation teams vary slightly between campuses but can include offering the following professional services:

  • Administration needed to support Provision and Module Approval
  • Overseeing and maintaining School accreditation activities and liaising with PSRBs.
  • Supporting School Quality and Curriculum Management Committee (SQCMC)
  • Supporting School Education & Student Experience Committee (ESEC) 
  • Supporting Accreditation and Assurance of Learning Committees
  • Recruitment and Administration of External Examiners
  • Preparation and maintenance of records for Institutional-led Reviews (ILRs) and accreditation activities
  • Supporting the development of academic reports and Unistats data.
  • Supporting academic staff in updating provisions and modules in the Curriculum Management Environment (CME) and recording updates in the student records system
  • Supporting routine monitoring of school provision.
  • Supporting local compliance with the Quality Framework, offering assistance and advice to the school community.​

Student Administration Team

The Student Administration Team is responsible for delivering the high-quality registry services that underpin the student lifecycle from Induction and Registration, through to Graduation and beyond. Student Administration is responsible for the planning and delivery of major University services and events, often through coordinating with colleagues in the School Support Service teams embedded locally in our schools.

  • Induction & Welcome Week: coordinating with colleagues to ensure new students have a compelling and engaging start to their student lifecycle.

  • Registration:  coordination of registration arrangements in liaison with Finance, Information Services, the Visa & International team, and others.

  • Timetabling:  coordination with local school timetabling administrators to deliver coherent and effective timetables, whilst also providing insight into space utilisation and campus developments.

  • Centrally Timetabled Examinations (CTE): preparing the CTE timetable and delivering on campus and on line exams, including the coordination of exam papers with locally embedded administrators.

  • Graduation Ceremonies: Leading the coordination and delivery of the University's graduation ceremonies, in liaison with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Certification: Producing all official certificates of the university for credit bearing and non-credit bearing provision.

  • Academic Appeals and Integrity function: Through coordination with networks across the University, manage academic appeals and deal with significant academic integrity issues where these require university committees to be convened.

  • Records function:
    • The team provides an official student records function that requires to be fulfilled for legislative and student progression related reasons. This can include certification of student status to external organisations such as SAAS and SLC to ensure financial provision for students and payment of their fees to the University. 

    • There is a significant level of service provided to Edinburgh Napier alumni for certification of studies, for further education opportunities and future employment purposes, in liaison with external organisations such as the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) and World Education Services (WES).  

Student Centre & Campus Receptions

The team ensure the effective operation of the University's Student Centre (located at Merchiston) and the Campus Receptions at Merchiston, Sightill and Craiglockhart. Campus Receptions (formerly known as iPoints) are the first point of contact that campus users will have for information, advice, support and signposting.


For our students, the campus receptions offer a range of services including help with student cards, confirmation of studies letters and answer programme administration queries.  The Campus Reception Administrator also play a role in supporting student retention, through contacting students on a range of issues.


The Student Centre plays host to a range of professional services who meet with students in our rooms.  This includes supporting the services provided by colleagues in Wellbeing & Inclusion and Student Futures.  The student centre team work to ensure that for all of the services being provided, our students receive a warm, professional and friendly welcome in a conducive atmosphere.​