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Personal support and information

It is important you take care of your own health and wellbeing, and colleagues have access to a wealth of wellbeing resources and support which can be found here. This includes counselling through the university's EAP delivered by MCL Medics.​

Experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings

Your safety and well-being are very important - no matter how low or bad things might seem, there are people who can support and listen to you. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, please read the information below for help and guidance.


Please follow this link to MyNapier for further information, guidance and resources (for staff, students and carers) Experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings (napier.ac.uk) 

Student referrals

For information on the range of services that are available to students, please visit the Counselling page on myNapier. Or, if you are not sure who can best help the student, consult the Helping Distressed Students guide.

Student Mental Health Policy

Edinburgh Napier University is committed to creating an inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. As a University that seeks to open Higher Education to all those who can benefit from it, we are aware that many students are likely to have either experienced or will experience mental distress at times. 

The Edinburgh Napier University Student Mental Health Policy​ aims to create a context and culture in the University which ensures that students experiencing mental health difficulties receive the appropriate support. The Mental Health Policy has recently been augmented with a Mental Health Case Conference Protocol for Students​ to address situations were a student requires co-ordinated cross-university support.

Guidance for colleagues regarding students transitioning gender

The general guidance for colleagues accompanies the Guidance for Students Transitioning Gender​. Staff who read this guidance must also familiarise themselves with the guidance for students.

This guidance is designed to focus on the support and advice Edinburgh Napier can offer to students who are undergoing any form of gender reassignment.

Contact us

Any of the counsellors will be happy to discuss concerns you have for individual students. You can contact us on ext. 2459 or email counselling@napier.ac.uk.