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​Academic Integrity 

Each School has Academic Integrity Officer(s) who are members of academic staff who can assist colleagues who suspect an assessment submission they have received from a student may be a breach to the academic Integrity Regulations (plagiarism, collusion, cheating, falsification/fabrication, personation or bribery, artificial intelligence (AI) content generation or writing assistance tools).


Any member of staff with such suspicions should contact a School AIO at the earliest possible opportunity and, ideally, well before the assessment is considered by a Programme Assessment Board.


For advice on how to refer suspected breaches of the Academic Integrity Regulations and how to detect the signs, please contact a School AIO.


Please see below for the names of the school AIOs:


Anderson, SarahApplied SciencesS.Anderson2@napier.ac.uk
Andronikos, George  Applied SciencesG.Andronikos@napier.ac.uk
Buchan, JamieApplied SciencesJ.Buchan@napier.ac.uk
Gheorghiu, MironaApplied SciencesM.Gheorghiu@napier.ac.uk
Morrison, DonaldApplied SciencesD.Morrison2@napier.ac.uk
Payton, NicoleApplied SciencesN.Payton@napier.ac.uk
Ran, JasonApplied SciencesJ.Ran@napier.ac.uk
Flint, TomArts and Creative IndustriesT.Flint@napier.ac.uk
Supartono, AlexArts and Creative IndustriesA.Supartono@napier.ac.uk

Borthwick Saddler,


Chlomou, GrigoriaBusinessg.chlomou@napier.ac.uk
Urie, GavinBusinessg.urie@napier.ac.uk
Cramphorn, ChrisBusinessC.Cramphorn@napier.ac.uk
Crawford, MeganBusinessM.Crawford@napier.ac.uk
Harte, PatrickBusinessp.harte@napier.ac.uk
Khaleel, FawadBusinessF.Khaleel@napier.ac.uk
Lu, FanBusinessF.Lu@napier.ac.uk
McGuire, DavidBusinessD.McGuire@napier.ac.uk
Niu, ZhongdongBusinessz.niu@napier.ac.uk
Victoria, MabelBusinessM.Victoria@napier.ac.uk


Cletus, Moobela

Computing, Engineering and the Built Environmentc.moobela@napier.ac.uk
Haynes, DavidComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentD.Haynes@napier.ac.uk
Jan, Sana UllahComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentS.Jan@napier.ac.uk
Leimich, PetraComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentSCEBEacademicintegrity@napier.ac.uk
Morton, AshleyComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentA.Morton@napier.ac.uk
Ullah, AmjadComputing, Engineering and the Built EnvironmentA.Ullah@napier.ac.uk



Health and Social Carem.freeman-ferguson@napier.ac.uk
Gentleman, MandyHealth and Social CareM.Gentleman@napier.ac.uk
Kandel, DeviHealth and Social CareD.Kandel@napier.ac.uk
McHugh, NessaHealth and Social CareN.McHugh@napier.ac.uk

​Referral to Conduct Committees

In cases of more serious breaches of University Academic Integrity regulations, a student may be, where applicable, referred to a University Academic Integrity Committee (UAIC). These committees will hear the case against the student and, if the allegations are proven, will impose a suitable penalty.


Students who are asked to appear before the University Academic Integrity Committee (UAIC) committee are recommended seek representation from ENSA and staff should advise students in this situation to seek this advice.