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​Programme and Student Support (PASS) Process Guides ​


The PASS Process Guides on this page are mandatory for all School Support Service (S3) PASS Teams to follow. The term “Guide” is used to acknowledge that taken in their totality the guides only cover some of the key activities undertaken by PASS teams and do not represent the total work of PASS teams across the S3. To date, Guides have been created and are posted below under the categories of Programme Assessment Boards, Student Records and General Administration.

If you have any feedback on the content or layout of this page, or are interested in getting involved the development of other PASS Process Guides, please contact Victoria Harte. Thank you 

Creation Process 

The creation process and the set of principles governing each PASS Process guide is available in this PASS Process Guide: Principles and Creation Process​ ​document. The template that guides are written on is available here​

Programme Assessment Board

The following Guides govern many of the processes needed to support the Programme Assessment BoardsGuides are ordered alphabetically according to the stage of Assessment Boards they are relevant to

Module Marks 

Work is underway to ensure that there is a PASS Process Guide available for the TR2 mark confirmation process that will stipulate how to record mi​ssing or late marks and marks that change after the confirmation date provided in the University Key Dates Calendar. In the meantime please use the Guides below when:

Preparing for the Assessment Boards

At Programme Assessment Board 

Before acting as Clerk to any Board please complete this mandatory training​Prior to the TR2 Assessment Boards there will be a PASS Process Guide posted on record keeping at the Board. 

Post Programme Assessment Board Processing

Post Programme Assessment Board Actions​ 

Entering Prizes and Medals on SITS​

Processing and Reprocessing Board Decisions​

Award Decision Check using Exam Results Report

Creating Award Letters ​

No Decision Update and CSO Removal​

Student Records

One of the principle worked to in producing the PASS Process Guides is not to replicate existing training material provided by other Professional Services. If there is not a PASS Process Guide below for the process​ you are undertaking please check the SITS Bulletin Board training resource bank. Thank you. 

Entering Exemption Credit​ and Prior Learning ​

Producing Individual Transcripts​ 

General Administration 

The following Guides are considered to be categorised under a General Administration heading. Guides are ordered alphabetically and provided as a link: 

Entering and Editing a Programme Leader on SITS​

Expectations when Answering Calls to PASS Generic Office Number​

Programme Structure - DMD screens ​

Seeking Revision to the approved Assessment Board Decision Code listing​

Seeking Revision to the approved Student Statuses Code listing ​

Feedback Sought

These PASS Process Guides were co-created by a group drawn from the PASS Enhancement Group to which additional people are invited.  If you have any feedback on the Guides or suggestions please contact one of the following members of that group: 

L Douglas (SOO at Merchiston); D Drummond (TNE); L Fawns (SSC SACI); S Grechishnikov (SSA SAS); G Handyside (SSC TBS); V Harte (School Operations Manager); Marjorie Henderson (SSC SHSC); S Howorth (SSC TBS); L Laidlaw (SOO at Sighthill); K Mitchell (SSC SCEBE); R Morgan (SSC SAS); R Rollinson (SSC SCEBE); K Thierens (SSC SCEBE);  S Watt (SSC TBS) and M Young (SSA SHSC). 

Thank you. ​​