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All centrally ti​metabled exams which are administered by Student Administration will be delivered online for the Academic Year 2021/22. 

Paperwork for staff

The University has updated the standard template for exams and cover sheet

You can find the new exam and cover sheet templates, plus guidance on how to use them, here. Log on to Moodle Community using your regular staff ID credentials.  If you have not visited the “I’m In” course before, click the ‘Enrol Me’ button. More information about I’m In can be found here.

​The process for producing and submitting exam papers otherwise remains unchanged. In order for examinations to run successfully for all students, we require the following documents and information to be collected and submitted:

Examination paper – these should be produced using the updated template, with all questions and pages numbered.

Examination paper cover sheet – the updated cover sheet applies for all examinations. The information on the front cover is particularly important as it provides students with essential instructions on completing their Examination. The front cover must also be typed in Arial 12 font.

FAQs regarding online exams can be found here​.​

If you have any further questions, email exams@napier.ac.uk.


Important dates

Trimester 1

18 October 2021: Last date to be assessed by Disability Inclusion for additional exam arrangements

22 October 2021: Trimester 1 exam timetable published


6 to 17 December 2021: Exam weeks


7 February 2022: Publication of Results


Trimester 2

7 March 2022: Last date to be assessed by Disability Inclusion for additional exam arrangements


18 March 2022: Trimester 2 exam timetable published


2 to 13 May 2022: Exam weeks


28 June 2022: Publication of Results


Trimester 3

24 June 2022: Trimester 3 exam timetable published


22 to 26 August 2022: Exam weeks


To be confirmed: Publication of Results


Reassessments (Resits)

24 June 2022: Resit exam timetable published


25 July to 5 August 2022: Exam weeks


29 August 2022: Publication of Results