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​​​​​​​Intellectual Property 

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP), as described by the UK IP Office (UKIPO) is:

"something that you create using your mind - for example, a story, an invention, an artistic work or a symbol."

IP images.jpgWhen we talk about IP, we refer to the expression of ideas, information, and knowledge; this includes not only discoveries and inventions but also music, literature and other artistic works, as well as words, phrases, symbols and designs.

In the University, context this can be considered broadly as the results from research, knowledge exchange, creative practise or through learning and teaching. 

During your career, you will be involved in creating and/or using academic created content in your teaching materials, or in your research which you may seek to publish, share or exploit. In doing so, you will create and develop IP, and may use IP belonging to others.  

Understanding the IP you create or use is integral to a successful academic career, but issues can easily arise when:

  • ​We are not clear on what the IP has been​ generated

  • When there is a lack of clarity on how we are using it or how we are using others (third party IP) 

  • If we are not clear on who has been a contributing party to it

  • Issues can be made more complex when different funders are involved in research projects at different stages, all who may have different terms and conditions concerning IP. 

We all need to carefully manage IP to ensure continued academic freedom, for successful knowledge exchange, to support the successful commercialisation of IP and to ensure we are not infringing third party IP. ​

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Research, Innovation & Enterprise Support 

The Research, Innovation and Enterprise Office is here to help you with all your IP queries. 

This is managed by Fiona Mason (pictured), Head of Business Engagement and IP Commercialisation, but you can contact your School Business Development and Relationship Manager who can also help you with any questions. 

Please get in touch and find out ​more about the team here >

Additional Information​​

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For additional IP information please visit the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO)

An overview on IP Basics can be accessed through the UKIPIO here.

ENU Icons_122 (2).pngWe have an Intellectual Properly Policy - please read this to familiarise yourself with it. This will tell you all about the University’s role in IP ownership.

Did you know that background and foreground IP are two distinct forms that should be considered in any collaboration?​

  • Background IP – anything introduced into a project that is relevant to the collaboration
  • Foreground IP – anything created as a result of the collaboration

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