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​Trade Marks 

Trade Marks are any "sign", e.g., word, device, logo, legend, label, container that usually identifies goods or services from a particular source and thus serve to distinguish between different sources. ​

As Trade Marks are associated with image and reputation, they can be expensive to develop and a very expensive loss if devalued by counterfeiters or the competition. It is useful to use the symbol ® if the Mark is Registered and TM if you wish to indicate merely proprietary rights. These have little legal importance, but are very useful as deterrents (although ® should not be used if the Mark is not registered). 


For additional trade marks information please visit the trade marks section of the UK Intellectual Property Office.


lightbulb 128.pngRemember to use the correct mark:

Unregistered trade marks use

Registered trade marks can use ®

Did you know the Edinburgh Napier University logo and the famous 'triangle' are a registered trademark? – in word, device and colour!

ENU logo 600.png 

Research, Innovation & Enterprise Support 

​Please get in touch with the Business Engagement and Innovation Team​ who can help guide and support you with queries regarding Intellectual Property (IP) and you IP rights.