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Copyright is an automatic right which arises whenever a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work is expressed in a tangible form. Where possible the ownership should be indicated by the legend © with name and date. 

Items that are protected by copyright include:

  • Computer software
  • Drawings
  • Formulae
  • Designs
  • Text
  • Letters
  • Music and books

Unlike Patents, Copyright requires no formal registration  - the length of copyright depends on the type of work. Excerpt from www.gov.uk (Crown copyright):

​Type of work
​How long Copyright Usually Lasts 
​Type of work
How long copyright usually lasts
Written, dramatic, musical and artistic work70 years after the author's death
Sound and music recording70 years from when it's first published
Films70 years after the death of the director, screenplay author and composer
Broadcasts50 years from when it's first broadcast
Layout of published editions of written, dramatic or musical works25 years from when it's first published

For additional copyright information please visit the copyright section of the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Research, Innovation & Enterprise Support 

​Please get in touch with the Business Engagement and Innovation Team​ who can help guide and support you with queries regarding Intellectual Property (IP) and you IP rights.