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​​​​​​​​​​​Quick Guides & Res​ources


Below is a series of resources that provide hints, tips and practical guidance on key aspects of learning and teaching practice. These will help refresh your thinking or spark ideas about possible approaches to take in your teaching.​ Hard copies are also available, if you would like a copy email us at dlte@napier.ac.uk​


Longitudinal Induction resources
Welcoming and getting to know your students

A Moodle site on ​How you can Support Students at Edinburgh Napier. This provides links to other departments' resources and collates information which can be made available when relevant to your students at various points in their journey at ENU. ​​​

Integrating Academic Skills into your modules

Classroom management

PDT Induction activity​

Student Induction Workshop.pptx
Student Induction Workshop Plan.doc​x

Our resources and activities are designed to be adapted in order to suit the needs of different programmes and cohorts. Dr Alex McIntyre (SAS) has shared feedback on her approach to this activity.

A McIntyre student induction feedback.docx

A McIntyre PDT Induction.jpg

A McIntyre PDT Induction.pptx

Learning & Teaching ENssentials ​Quick Gui​des

1 Commenting Constructively Quick Guide​


2 Getting Students to Engage Quick Guide


3 Giving Formative Feedback Prior to Submission Quick Guide


4 Streamlining Feedback on Summative Tasks Quick Guide


5 Alternatives to Traditional Exams Quick Guide


6 Alternatives to Essays Quick Guide


7 Getting Students to Self-assess Quick Guide


8 Assessment Literacy Quick Guide


9 Exemplars Quick Guide


10 Supporting International Students in their Assessment Quick Guide


11 Using a Simple Feedback Stamp to Provide Incremental Feedback on Work-in-progress in the Art Design Context


12 Helping Students to Benefit From Feedback on Exams


13 Meeting the challenges of Programme Focused Assessment


14 Combatting Contract Cheating

15 Artificial Intelligence,​ Student Learning & Assessment

16 Student Staff Partnership Quick Guide.pdf

17 Assessment Design ENssentials Quick Guide.pdf

18 Authentic Assessment ENssentials Quick Guide.pdf




These activities have been designed for use by Academic Leads, Programme Leaders, Learning and Teaching ​Champions and othe​rs working with colleagues to address specific issues around assessment and feedback.


Activity - The Biscuit Game

Activity - Providing Formative Feedback Efficiently and Effectively

Activity - How Can We Give Students Better Quality Feedback: Dream/Nightmare

Activity - Benchmark Your Feedback​

Dialogic feedback cov​ersheet_final.pdf 

Student Partnership ​Project: Making Connections with Feedback Flipbook

Student Partnership Project Fl​ashcards