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​​Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) Guidance

The SSLC provides a forum where student representatives and programme staff can engage in effective discussions related to the Student Learning Experience (see diagram below). The areas related to the Student Learning Experience broadly mirror those covered in the National Student Survey (NSS), and as such should be used as a basis for the agenda at the SSLC. The only area of this diagram that should be ignored is the area on Student Progression and Achievement, as this forms part of the Board of Studies agenda.


Items that are not directly connected to the Student Learning Experience should not be tabled by reps at the SSLC - that is, car parking, campus access. The SSLC should also be used to inform reps of any proposed module or programme changes. This will allow reps to gather student feedback on any proposed changes and report this to the subsequent Board of Studies (BoS) meeting. The student feedback they gather should be used as supporting information in business cases for the School Quality Committee. A record of agreed actions will be produced during the meeting by your School Support Service (S3) administrator, detailing: the agreed action; the person responsible for completion; and, expected completion date. The actions will be uploaded to Moodle programme sites and will also be emailed to all relevant students. It is expected that Programme Leaders, or the Chair of the SSLC provides an update to the relevant student groups/cohorts on how actions have been progressed at least once between the SSLC and BoS, to ensure students see that action is being taken in response to the points raised by their reps. TNE programmes delivered by partners may have alternative approaches to SSLCs (governed by the collaborative agreement). In these instances, SSLCs should continue to follow the approach stated in the agreement.

The table below lists key information about the arrangements, agenda and reporting from the SSLC.

Download SSLC Action Template [Excel Spreadsheet: 33KB]