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Personal Developme​nt Tutor (PDT) Toolkit.​




Induction resources

DLTE have developed some activities you can carry out with your PDT groups as part of induction. 

Student Induction Workshop.pptx

Student Induction Workshop Plan.docx

Our resources and activities are designed to be adapted in order to suit the needs of different programmes and cohorts. Dr Alex McIntyre (SAS) has shared feedback on her approach to this activity.


Academic Appe​als.

The appeals page of myNapier provides information for students who are considering submitting an appeal against the decision of a Programme Assessment Board.


Degree Clas​sificat​ions.

Degree classifications are calculated as per the academic regulations depending on the programme. So, unless there are bespoke regulations for a particular course, this can be found in Section B: Undergraduate Regulations of the current Academic ​Regulations 

Fit to Sit - Extenuat​ing Circumstances.

The Fit to Sit regulations apply to all matriculated students of Edinburgh Napier University who believe that their ability to complete an assessment of any type has been adversely affected by extenuating circumstances that have had a detrimental effect on their academic studies or progression. Students who feel their circumstances should be considered in this regard can find further information on the Fit to Sit section of myNapier. 

Getting to Cam​pus.

Information on reaching our campuses can be found on the Getting to Campus page on myNapier.​

Personal Development Tuto​r Guidance for Staff (published 2020).

The Personal Development Tutor Guidance for Staff document details the duties, responsibilities and qualities of a Personal Development tutor. 


Personal Tutoring at a d​istance.

During this time of remote learning, it is more important than ever for Personal Development Tutors to build effective relationships and keep in touch with students who may be experiencing social isolation and anxiety about their learning.

Follow these Top 10 Tips for Personal Tutoring at a Distance


Planning for Effective Lear​ning During COVID-19

This infographic from the Irish Universities Association, Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning Project (EDTL)​ provides advice for students on effective learning during Covid-19.


Student Pregnancy and Maternity Polic​y

MyNapier's Your Health page contains information to support students with their health. 


Staff can refer to the Student Pregnancy Guidance for Staff document. 

Open University Corporate Parentin​g Course

The Open University has launched a new free course to support staff in Scotland’s universities better understand and support those who have experienced care​.


Student Meetings PDT Checklist​

The PDT Checklist for Student Meetings can help you to ensure that you give student the opportunity to seek most common forms of support from you. 

Student Self-care G​rid

The Student Self-Care Grid provides a checklist for students to reflect on their engagement with their studies, maintaining their progress, stress levels and their broader personal self-care.


​Supporting your role as Personal Development Tutor

The Moodle site on Supporting your role as a Personal Development Tutor​ is a resource for Personal Development Tutors at Edinburgh Napier and a source of support and guidance as you undertake your role.



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