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Leaving the University



HR require certain information as part of your leaving process, we recommend using this template resignation email​​ which should be sent to HR and copied to your manager. If you wish to write your own resignation letter it should include the following information:

-     Confirmation of your final date of employment as agreed with your manager
-     Confirmation that you intended to take any remaining annual leave (In exceptional circumstances and only in agreement with your manager will payment be made for any untaken accrued holidays).
​-     Confirmation that all Univeristy property (including IT devices) will be returned. 
-     The following mandatory information for HESA purposes (Higher Education Statistics Agency) –
    What will you be doing after leaving Edinburgh Napier University
      Working in a higher education institution
      Working in the private sector
      Working in another education institution
      Working in a research institute (private)
 Registered as a student
Please tick the most appropriate box
       Working in a research institute (public)
       NHS/General medical practice/General dental practice
      Not in regular employment, not retired
 Working in another public sector organisation 
    Not known 
Working in the voluntary sector
     Where will you reside after you leave?
Other EU
Non - EU
Not known
      Please tick the most appropriate box
Northern Ireland
Prefer not to specify

Notice Periods

Details regarding your notice period are detailed in your contract of employment. In general, academic and research staff have a 3 month notice period and support staff have a 4 week notice period.

                 Employee Responsibilities


                 Manager Responsibilities​


IT User Accounts 


Please ensure that all University information and records held in your email account, H: Drive, C: Drive (and on your network Desktop), MyDrive (SharePoint), or in any other drive or mobile device to which you have sole access, are moved to an appropriate University SharePoint site or shared network drive.

Further guidance for leavers regarding University records and information can be found on the Governance ​Services​ page.


Please contact IT if any special arrangements need to be made about access to information kept in areas on the network to which your employee has sole access e.g. email, after employees leaving date.


Further guidance for leavers regarding University records and information can be found on the Governance ​Services​ page.



Return of Property 


All property belonging to the University, including keys and your staff ID card, should be returned to your Line Manager on leaving. Information Services will be notified you are a leaver and will provide you with a list of IT equipment that must be returned. 


Please ensure to collect staff cards, keys and any other University equipment from employees before they leave.


All University electronic equipment should be returned to Information Services.


My Contribution


You should have a conversation with your line manager about your objectives before leaving the University.​ If you leave during the objective setting period, you wouldn’t complete this activity. However, if objectives are in the system, a conversation and quick system update would be required.


If you have line management responsibility and a team reporting into you, you need to make sure your My Contribution activities are up to date. This means that in the objective setting period you have discussed, reviewed and agreed your employees’ objectives in the system. If you leave in the Mid-Year period you would have completed the Mid-Year conversation with your employees and added your ‘Mid-Year’ Comments in the system. If you leave during the End of Year period, you would need to make sure you have had the End of Year conversations and added your end of year feedback and ratings in the system.



Payslips and future address


When you are leaving the University, we recommend that you take the following action before your employment ends:

    1. Amend the email address to which your e-Payslips are sent to a personal email account to ensure you receive your final e-Payslip, particularly important if you leave before pay day

   2. Download any previous payslips that you may require from HR Connect.


If you are changing address you should update this on HR Connect​ before leaving. Your P45 will be sent at the end of the month so it is important that this is sent to the correct address as duplicate copies cannot be produced

















Proces​s Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme


You should apply around 4 months before the date of your retirement or when your benefits are due. The SPPA website should be consulted for information regarding your retirement options.

For Normal Age Retirement, Phased Retirement or Acutarial Reduced Pensions the Teach: RET  form should be downloaded and completed. Part 1 should be completed by the employee and forwarded to payroll@napier.ac.uk who will complete Part 2 and forward both parts of the form on to SPAA. STSS will then contact the employee with details on what benefits you are due, taxation and how the pension will be paid.

Lothian Pension Fund 

You should apply around 6 weeks before the date of your retirement or when your benefits are due. The LPF website should be consulted for information regarding your retirement options.  Once you have decided to retire you should let your manager know and email HumanResources@napier.ac.uk to confirm.  Payroll will notify LPF who will then be in touch with the employee regarding benefits due.  

Phased Retirement & Winding Down 

Phased retirement allows you to reduce your working hours whilst receiving a proportion of your pension benefits.  Winding down is a phased retirement option that enables you to continue in employment on a part-time basis whilst protecting your final retirement pension entitlement.   Both should be agreed with the Dean of School before applying.  For full eligibility criteria, please see the SPPA website.​   


Return of Property  

All property belonging to the University, including IT equipment, keys, staff ID card etc must be returned on or
before (if you intend to use annual leave as part of your notice period) your last day of employment. Information Services will contact you with information on how you can return your IT equipment.

Preparing for Retirement​

The University offers preparation for retirement learning events, for further information please contact Learning and Development, on 0131 455 5036 or learninganddevelopment@napier.ac.uk​


Academic Workload Allocation

Academic staff should ensure that their Academic Workload Allocation is updated when they leave the University to ensure accurate TRAC reporting.


Recurring Payments

The University provides a number of benefits which are paid for by recurring payments or salary sacrifice schemes, such as season ticket loans and childcare vouchers.  Information regarding how these are dealt with can be found on the Payroll Site. Any outstanding balances to will normally be deducted from your final salary payment.