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Leaving the University - HOME


There are a number of reasons why you may leave your employment with the University. In all cases the information below applies, however, there is additional information which you may find of use dependent on the reason for leaving.

End of Fixed Term Contract


Notice Periods

Details regarding your notice period are detailed in your contract of employment. In general, academic and research staff have a 3 month notice period and support staff have a 4 week notice period.


Leavers Form

Before you leave the University you will be required to complete a  Leavers Form to be submitted to HR (which must be signed by your Line Manager). Upon receipt of the this completed form and appropriate documentation the HR department will write out to you with the details of your termination. 


Line managers should complete the leaver form for Casual and Associate staff, where they know the person will no longer be working at the University.


Exit Interviews

When processed as a leaver on HR Connect you will receive an email with a link to an Exit Questionnaire to complete and return. This form provides us with information regarding your employment with the University and feedback from the completed form is used to help identify how improvements to working life at Edinburgh Napier can be made.  Completion of the questionnaire is voluntary and all feedback received is confidential.

Should you wish to discuss any issues raised on your form further, please contact your relevant  HR contact who will be happy to complete an exit interview.


IT User accounts

IT will be notified that you are leaving at the point you are processed as a leaver on HR Connect so that they can close your account when you leave. Please ensure that all University information and records held in your email account, H: Drive, C: Drive (and on your network Desktop), MyDrive (SharePoint), or in any other drive or mobile device to which you have sole access, are moved to an appropriate University SharePoint site or shared network drive. Your line manager must contact IT if special arrangements need to be made about access to information kept in areas on the network to which you have sole access e.g. email, after your leaving date.


Further guidance for leavers regarding University records and information can be found on the Governance Services page.


Return of Property

All property belonging to the University, including keys and your staff ID card, should be returned to your Line Manager on leaving. Please also ensure that you return all Univeristy owned IT equipment that you have been issued with.


Recurring Payments

The University provides a number of benefits which are paid for by recurring payments or salary sacrifice schemes, such as season ticket loans  and childcare vouchers.  Information regarding how these are dealt with can be found on the Payroll Site. Any outstanding balances to will normally be deducted from your final salary payment.   


Pension Scheme

For information regarding your Pension Scheme.

Final Salary

The University reserves the right to make deductions from your final salary e.g. if there has been an overpayment of salary or benefit (e.g. annual leave)


Notice Periods

You will only have access to your e-Payslips if they have been delivered to a personal e-mail address and have been retained in your email account or saved onto your PC. If you are leaving the University, we recommend that you take the following action before your employment ends:


1.   amend the email address to which your e-Payslips are sent to a personal email account to ensure you receive your final e-Payslip, particularly important if you leave before pay day

2.   print any payslips you might require, e.g. those for the current financial year, before your employment ends; or

3.   forward your previous e-Payslips to a personal e-mail address