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​​DLTE Research.

Members of the Department of Learning & Teaching Enhancement at Edinburgh Napier, along with student interns, often undertake research relating to Learning & Teaching, including the broader student experience at Edinburgh Napier University. 

Current research being undertaken by staff in DLTE:

There is an awarding gap which affects Black and Global Majority (BGM) students in the UK, evidenced in COGNOS data over the past 5 years at ENU, which is consistent with nationwide statistics.  

Dr Sofia Shan is leading a project exploring reasons for this, using an anonymous Padlet site and a survey to find out about student experiences. 



BGM students refers to Black and Global Majority students, such as Black, Asian, Arab and Mixed Heritage.  


Are you a BGM student at Napier? Do you know any BGM students at Napier? Could you share your stories in this anonymous Padlet, any pride or privilege, frustration or anger? The Padlet will be monitored by the research team who will provide signposting and feedback for particular struggles. 


This survey will help us to identify what can have impact on students’ achievement.  

Due to the context of the research, we are now only inviting those who are UK-domiciled students from UG programmes.  


For each survey filled, we will donate £2 on your behalf to the International & EU Crisis Fund, which provides emergency funding for EU and international students experiencing unexpected financial difficulties at ENU. For details of the fund and how to apply visit https://my.napier.ac.uk/money/funding/international-and-eu-crisis-fund ​


ChatGPT & Me: Learning in the age of artificial intelligence - students' perspectives (March – May 2023)

Principal Investigator: Dr Louise Drumm l.drumm@napier.ac.uk

This project aims to collect and analyse student attitudes to artificial intelligence (AI) and their own learning and assessment while they are studying with Edinburgh Napier University. AI tools such as ChatGPT are developing and make it easier to generate outputs, such as text, which students could use either in whole or part to create work which they submit as their own. Very little is known about students' attitudes towards these tools - whether they see them as legitimate aids for refining their own work, or a threat to the value of their learning and degrees.


We propose to use an 'Amnesty' Padlet, where students can post their comments, experiences and thoughts anonymously about this issue. They can also read other students' anonymous posts. These posts will be the data for the research. The data will be analysed for themes, divergent experiences and opinions. The results will be of interest to ENU academic and support staff and a wider HE audience. Dissemination will be via conferences and peer-reviewed publications.


ChatGPT and Me - Learning in the age of artificial intelligence_Participant Info Sheet.docx

ChatGPT and Me invitation slide.pptx

Consent form for 'ChatGPT and Me' Amnesty Pa


Please check back for updates. 


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Past research projects.

Our student intern Aanuoluwapo Adefioye carried out a project called "Through The Eyes and Mind of Reason", looking into the experiences of international students at Edinburgh Napier University, including their studies and their broader experience moving to Edinburgh to study. This project has been shared various formats including:

an 8 episode series of podcasts​

reports and 

A lightning talk at The Gathering, our annual Learning & Teaching Conference.​
Through the Eyes and Mind of Reason.jpg