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​​​Intercultural Communication.

Edinburgh Napier University is proud to have a diverse blend of staff and students from a variety of cultures, as well as situated in partner institutions around the world. We are aware that students and staff who join us from outside the UK face some significant challenges so the following resources have been developed to shed some light on these, in order to bring more understanding to the university community and support more of our staff and students to find success in Edinburgh Napier University. 

Anti-Racist Curricula interactive artefact.

As part of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education's (QAA) Collaborative Enhancement Projects, we undertook a project to create an artefact which would inform development of Anti-Racist Curricula. Students shared their experiences which were anonymised and turned into narratives. These were then built into an interactive resource demonstrating what students can encounter in the classroom, in group work and what staff may encounter in staff-spaces. You can access this resource at arcproject.uk, and you can provide feedback on this via the links at the bottom of the resource.​

​​​​Far From Home board game.

This game, created by DLTE's Dr Sofia Shan, gives staff a glimpse into the experiences of international Taught Postgraduate (PGT) students. This is being used as part of a research project called "Fostering Empathy with a Board Game - Cultivating Intercultural Awareness among Staff Engaging with International Students"​.​

Find out more about Far From Home.​