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​​​​​​A group of students laughing and smiling.Student E​​​​ngagement​ in Quality

Together with ENSA, we are committed to providing and promoting opportunities for students to participate in activities which will influence the quality of learning and teaching at Edinburgh Napier. 


Feedback on programmes of study

​​​​Institution-led Review

Every taught programme is reviewed on a 6-year cycle through a process called institution-led review. Students can contribute to the review of their own programme of study by submitting feedback via their rep to Student-Staff Liaison Committees​, by completing student surveys, participating in activities such as focus groups to inform the review, and by volunteering to meet with the review panel on the day of the review. Information about how students can get involved is available in the Guide to Institution-led Review – for student panel members, linked in Section 2b resources from the Quality Framework​​.

Institution-led review is described in detail in the University’s Quality Framework, Section 2b: Institution-led Review             

In addition to institution-led review, each School undertakes ‘annual monitoring’ a formal evaluation of the effectiveness of the delivery of modules and programmes within their School. Student feedback gathered during the delivery period must be used to inform the process. Annual monitoring reports form part of the evidence-base for institution-led review.             

Annual Monitoring is described in detail in the University’s Quality Framework, Section 2a: Annual Monitoring.​​


Panel membership 

When taught programmes are reviewed, and new programmes put forward for approval, a panel of academic and professional experts from within and out-with the University is constituted. The panel reads and comments on a set of documentation, then meets with current students (for institution-led review), and with the programme team before deciding an outcome.             


The University requires that every panel has a full student member. The student panel member will always be from a different subject from the programme under consideration.            


Guidance and support is provided by the Quality & Standards team. The documents below provide additional information about what is involved.           


Guide to Institution-led Review – for student panel members, linked in Section 2b resources from the Quality Framework​            


Programme Approval – for student panel members, linked in section 1 resources from the Quality Framework​

Student surveys 

Students have a number of opportunities to provide feedback at Edinburgh Napier, including via student surveys.  Student survey results are analysed and used to inform enhancements to learning and teaching at all levels of the University.       


The University participates in the following surveys:       


External Surveys        

National Student Survey (NSS) https://www.thestudentsurvey.com/

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/institutions/surveys/postgraduate-taught-experience-survey

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/institutions/surveys/postgraduate-research-experience-survey


Internal Surveys        

Module Touchpoint Survey – Information for Staff        

Module Touchpoint Survey – Information for Students​        

Module Evaluation Surveys​​        

Committee membership 
Student representatives sit on all of the University’s major academic committees and are members of the University Court as well as members of committees at School and programme levels. To find out more about student representation, please contact ENSA.

Additional guidance and information about student engagement in quality is provided by sparqs (student partnerships in quality Scotland).​

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