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​​Quality Framew​ork 
Section 2: Related Resources 


Section 2a: Annual Monito​​​ring and Review 


The following templates and guidance are intended to support the annual monitoring and review activity as set out within the Quality Framework: Section 2a. 


The templates for both the module leaders’ evaluative reports and the programme leaders’ evaluative reports are issued via a Microsoft Teams form through your School Quality Office. Completed forms are submitted to a School Sharepoint Site where they should be made available for School quality management.  


To support you in preparing your responses, the questions contained within the forms are available here: 



From 2022/23 it is an expectation that all programmes retain a live programme enhancement plan. There is no ​single format for programme enhancement plans, though the following template is available, if helpful, though you should be updating and building on from the template which has already been started: ​Enhancement Plan Template.xlsx. The enhancement plan should clearly indicate the specific action required; the individual(s) responsible; the anticipated timeframe; and how impact will be measured/evaluated - progress updates should be captured.    


School reports should be completed using this template:  


Use of Evidence and Data  

Annual monitoring and review requires you to draw on a number of evidence sources. One of these are the centrally produced datasets available via CognosThere are links to the dashboards embedded within the forms, but these are also available here: 



For support in understanding this data, or for querying the data please contact planning@napier.ac.uk  


You are required to attach the Cognos datasets to your annual monitoring report. The following video has been produced by Bryden Stillie (SACI) to support you in doing this.  




Section 2b: Institution-Led Review 


The following templates and guidance are intended to support the institution-led review activity as set out within the Quality Framework: Section 2b 


University Institution-Led Review Schedule 
<<will be pending>> 


Agenda Guide for Preparatory Meeting 


Involving Students in Institution-led Review 

Evidence-informed Self Evaluation Report 
Self Evaluation Report Template .docx


Institution-Led Review Panel Member Roles and Responsibilities