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Research Management System (RMS)


Edinburgh Napier's Research Management System (RMS), Worktribe, provides a full cradle to grave solution to support developing research applications, reporting on our research outputs and preparing for future Research Excellence Framework (REF) submissions, as well as providing a platform to promote our research and research staff through the University website.


Worktribe was implemented in two phases. Phase 1 was the pre and post award functionality of the system while Phase 2 covered repository functionality for research outputs and research profiles and provides support for the university website. Training is provided on all campuses.


Phase 1 - Pre and Post Award


Phase 1 for the recording, approval and management of all School funding applications will be rolled out on the 11th April 2016 across the University. From the 11th onwards ALL School applications for funding (research or commercial) MUST be processed through Worktribe which incorporates online approval by the Dean of School or Director of Research and where appropriate a member of ULT.


System Access


The system can be accessed at https://napier-research.worktribe.com using your normal University user ID and password.


You can only access the system from a device connected to the University network - see IT Services Remote Access to the Network for assistance on access when outwith the University.


System Support


If you have a problem with the system please email RMSAdmin@napier.ac.uk or contact your School Research and Innovation Officer:

Sheila Sutherland Alison McIIveen Debbie Ratcliffe Wendy Cairney Simone Dallas Colin Scott

If the R&I Officer is unable to help, contact your School's Research and Innovation Manager. See the support diagram for more information or if you have an enquiry out of office hours.

 RIO RMS Support Process (1).png


Phase 2 - Outputs Repository, REF and Web integration


We have now added the Outputs Repository and Profiles onto Worktribe, this will integrate with the University website. The Externally facing Outputs Repository will replace ePrints. Training sessions will commence from 17th August over the summer and into autumn, with ongoing training and support provided by the RIO Research and Innovation Managers and the School Research and Innovation Officers.  


If you have any suggestions or queries please contact the project team.