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 UNISON Member Information and Offers

Join UNISON from £1.30 a month depending on salary 

Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. The ability to live and work without prejudice is a fundamental right, regardless of your background, colour or sexual orientation.​ One of UNISON’s main aims is to help workers fight for fairness and equality in the workplace and beyond. Challenging discrimination and winning equality is at the heart of everything UNISON does.

Besides the right not to be discriminated against or ​​bullied, fair treatment also includes equal working conditions and pay.


Black Members​UNISON’s Black members’ group campaigns for equality in the workplace and the wider community. Find out how the gr​oup is organised, its role within UNISON and how to get involved.​

Diabled Members​UNISON’s disabled members’ group fights discrimination and campaigns for improved workplace accessibility and other i​ssues. Find out how we campaign and organise at workplace, regional and national levels.​

LGBT Members​Information on the LGBT member groups priorities and how we’re organised.​

Retired MembersUNISON retired members have a wealth of experience and knowledge that make them a valuable part of UNISON campaigns.

Women MembersUNISON’s women’s group campaigns for equality in the workplace and for improvements to women’s rights in the workplace and wider community. Find out about women’s role in UNISON, the issues we face and how to get involved.​

Young MembersOur young members group works to encourage recruitment, organisation and participation of young workers. The group also provides a powerful voice for young members and the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.​

Member Offers and Benefits​Our members receive our essential cover and support, but also have access to exclusive benefits and can take advantage of many training opportunities.​

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