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Research Degrees


Information for Students

Information for students is available on the Research Degrees pages of myNapier


Information for Supervisors

Full details of policies and procedures can be found in the Research Degree Framework, available on myNapier.


Advice is also available from your School Research Degrees Leader:


Research degrees (RD) forms can be downloaded from the myNapier site.


Research Degrees Committee meeting dates and deadlines for papers 2018/9


Meeting Type

Deadline for papers

Meeting date and time


5:00pm Monday 3 September

Tuesday 11 September - 9:30am


5:00pm Friday 21 September

Wednesday 03 October - 2:00pm


5:00pm Monday 15 October

Tuesday 30 October - 9:30am


5:00pm Friday 23 November

Wednesday 5 December – 2:00pm


5:00pm Monday 14 January

Tuesday 29 January – 9.30am


5.00pm Friday 01 February

Wednesday 13 February – 2:00pm


5:00pm Tuesday 25 March

Tuesday 9 April – 9:30am


5:00pm Thursday 18 April

Wednesday 01 May – 2:00pm


5:00pm Friday 20 May (Policy)

5:00pm Friday 24 May (SM)

Tuesday 04 June – 9:30am


Applications and admissions

Detailed information is in Section 2 of the Research Degree Framework.

  • Prospective, self-funded research students should be directed to apply online
  • Funded studentships should be advertised on the University website once they have been approved by the School Research Degrees Programme Leader
  • Information about fees and stipends
  • RD2 Authorisation for research student admission
  • Enquiries about PhD by Published Works should be discussed with the School Research Degrees Programme Leader (This route is open only to current and former staff, and Edinburgh Napier alumni)

Further advice and information:
Your School Research Degrees Programme Leader is your first point of contact for advice and information on appointing new research students.


Applications and offers are managed by the Postgraduate Admissions team. Enquiries can be sent to: researchadmissions@napier.ac.uk.


The Research Degrees team are happy to answer general enquiries sent to: researchdegrees@napier.ac.uk.