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​School Support Service Charter  

Our Commitments

We will take ownership

 We will support and enable continuous improvement of our service.

 We will aim to proactively identify improved ways of working.

 We will use the MyContribution ​process to develop ourselves and our roles.

 We will be empowered, using initiative, innovation and our expertise to identify solutions.

We will show flexibility

 We will be adaptable to change.

 We will welcome feedback with a view to enhancing our service.

 We will support individuals and empower ourselves to make decisions within the university’s regulatory frameworks.

We will make it as easy as possible

 We will provide clear, concise and timely communication and information.

 We will work in collaboration with other departments to ensure the efficient use of resources, processes and systems.

 We will work as a whole team to ensure we achieve shared objectives.

We will build relationships

 We will act with courtesy, fostering a culture of mutual respect.

 We will ensure that we understand the needs and priorities of our stakeholders thereby allowing us to provide an informed service.

 We will identify and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration and sharing of good practice.

How you can help us to help you

If in doubt just ask - we are here to help you. 


So that we can give the best possible support please contact us in a timely way:

 We can plan and organise our support best when we know in advance what you need, when and why.

 We will always try to deal with short notice requests, however we may have conflicting priorities. When this happens, we’ll discuss these with you.

 We will always work in the best interests of students and colleagues, to give you all the best possible support, however there may be times when even our best efforts are affected by factors we can’t plan or control.  Please be understanding.

At times we will ask you to meet deadlines, often set beyond our control.  We are always here to help, but please be mindful of your responsibilities as well. 

Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect. We’ll respond in the same way, helping make this a great place to learn and work.

We will work in partnership with you to meet the University’s values of being inclusive, innovative, professional and ambitious. 

We continually strive to improve the services we offer to students, colleagues and visitors, therefore we value your feedback greatly. If something we do doesn’t seem to be working for you, or if you want to recognise great service, please tell us.​