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​​​​Staff Availability Process

The staff availability process is a mechanism for academic staff to request not to be timetabled to teach on certain days and/or times. Staff Availability forms are specific to the scheduling of teaching.  Unlike a Flexible working arrangement, the staff availability request does not change any aspect of your contract of employment; instead it is a request for some factor to be taken into account where it is practicable. 

All full-time staff are expected to be available between 9am and 6pm (Mon-Fri) for timetabled teaching. 

Staff Availability Forms

The Staff Availability Form must be submitted each Trimester so that we can ensure we timetable with accurate and up-to-date information (for this reason previous availability data cannot be used).

  • Please use the Staff Availability Form to advise when you are unavailable to teach between 9am and 6pm 

  • Please a use the Staff Availability Form to advise if you are available to teach between 6pm and 9pm. Note that this is entirely voluntary. 

All submitted requests, will be automatically sent to your Dean, Deputy Dean or Head of Learning and Teaching for approval.  The new Staff Availability Form will automatically send a notification​ for all approved requests to your school timetabling administrator to be processed in Syllabus Plus (timetabling system). ​

The deadline for submitting Trimester 1 Staff Availability requests will be Friday 3rd May 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like one day with no scheduled teaching to focus on another aspect of my work. Do I need to complete a Staff Availability form?

No the scheduling process attempts to ensure that all timetabled staff have at least one day or two half days free of scheduled teaching activities. Whilst this cannot be guaranteed for everyone for every week, it is true for the​ majority of colleagues for the majority of the time. It is not possible to specify a preferred day. 

I am contracted to work part-time, do I need to submit a Staff Availability Form?

If you are a part-time member of staff, please complete the staff availability form and submit via the usual process. 

The timetabling system is not linked to HR Connect. ​

I have a flexible working arrangement,  do I need to submit a Staff Availability Form?

If you have a flexible working arrangement, please complete the staff availability form and submit via the usual process. The timetabling system is not linked to HR Connect.

I have request for sensitive personal reasons, do I need to provide these details in the form?

No, you do not need to disclose any sensitive personal details on the form but please make sure that your line manager agrees with your request and we would advise that you speak to the approver before submitting the form. 

I have medical/health needs that request a reasonable adjustment, should I submit a Staff Availability Form

Staff with reasonable adjustments or medical/ health needs should communicate these to their line manager and Head of Subject and agree a working pattern that meets both business and individual needs. No reason needs be given on the form other than reasonable adjustments, but the approver may check with your line manager before approving the request. 

I have childcare/ dependent care responsibilities, should I submit a Staff Availability Form?

​Requests to accommodate routine childcare or dependent care responsibilities will usually be declined.  Please speak to your line manager about the options for flexible working. The Flexible working policy can be found on the HR pages here. ​

Who will approve my Staff Availability Request?

Staff availability forms will be reviewed and processed by your Dean, Deputy Dean or Head of Learning and Teaching. 

​Bryden Stille
​Claire Garden
​Colin Smith
Ruth Paterson​
​Paul Barron