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​​​Reviewing​​​ the Module Timetable

​At the end of the scheduling process, we release the module timetable for review. It is really important that academic colleagues review the draft Module Timetable to ensure we have timetabled your request appropriately - this is your chance to request any changes. 

Each Trimester we allow academic staff approximately one week to review the module timetable and submit any teaching change requests.  

The module Timetable can be reviewed via Publish, from the Module menu option,

2024/25 Trimester 1 Module Timetable Review

The Trimester 1​​ Module Timetable will be available for review via Publish from Monday 17th June 2024.

Module Leaders: Once you have reviewed the Module Timetable, please add your initials and the date to the relevant modules tab of this spreadsheet


Programme Leaders: Once you have the reviewed your Programme Timetable/ student set timetables please add your initial and date to the relevant student sets tab of this spreadsheet 


Please submit any change requests via the Teaching Change Request Form by 5pm on Wednesday 26th June 2024This is to allow timetabling colleagues time to process any updates before the module timetable is published to students.​ 


What type of changes can be requested?

During the module timetable review period, our main priority must be processing changes where an error has occurred. 


​The are various types changes we will process during the module timetable review period. These fall within the below categories:

​Reason For Change ​


Activity Swap​​

​​​I want to swap the day/time of tutorial group two with tutorial group three.


Adjust Activity Duration

​The activity has been scheduled for 3 hours and I requested the activity be 2 hours.


​Adjust Teaching Week Pattern

The activity is scheduled for all weeks of the Trimester. I'm no longer going to teach this activity in week 6 of the trimester.

Cancel Teaching Activity/ Condense Teaching Activities


This activity can be cancelled as it is no longer required/ I want to condense my teaching into fewer activities.


Change of Staff​​​

​The staff member teaching the activity has been changed.


Fewer Students

​There are fewer students enrolled on the module therefore the activity needs to be changed.


More Students

​There are more students enrolled on the module therefore the activity needs to be changed.


New/ Additional Teaching Activity Required

​A new or additional teaching activity is required for my module.


Room Capacity too Small

​The activity is too big for the allocated room and needs to be moved to a larger room.


​​​Room Capacity too Large



​The activity can be moved to a smaller room.


Room Unsuitable

​The room allocated for the activity is unsuitable and I am unable to deliver my teaching in the room.


Teaching Change Request Form


The Teaching Change Request Form should now be used to request any change to the timetable. We are asking you to complete the form, so we can ensure we have all the necessary information required to process the requested change and to help streamline our teaching change request process for everyone.  

We will no longer process any teaching change requests received by email. ​