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​Student Records


Our Student Records team are responsible for maintaining student records by ensuring changes are processed in SITS, and external funding bodies such as SAAS or SLC are informed of changes in circumstances. The Student Records team also manage the records shop where former students can purchase letters confirming attendance and awards, as well as order copies of academic transcripts and diploma supplements.  


Changes to the student record


A number of changes may be made to students' records throughout their academic journey. Many of these are managed by schools or other groups directly. 


The Student Records team are responsible for updating SITS and informing SAAS and SLC for the following changes:


  • Programme Transfers: Where a student transfers from one programme of study to another, or changes their mode of study (e.g. from full-time to part-time). 
  • Programme Withdrawals: Where a student withdraws from a programme entirely.
  • Suspension of Studies & return from Suspension of Studies: Where a student temporarily suspends their studies, taking a break for up to 1 year (with the option of extending by a further year, subject to discussions with the Personal Development Tutor). 


All of the above changes must first be approved within the relevant school/s before going to the Student Records team for further action. Changes are primarily managed in eStudent Records which will automatically refer the case to the Student Records team if required.


If changes are required to the student record for someone here on a Tier 4 Visa these will be processed by the Visa and International Support Team.  


Student Records shop


The Student Records Shop is an online service that allows former students to purchase the following documents:

  • Official Letters confirming details of study including dates of study, award title, and date of graduation. All letters are issued on Edinburgh Napier University letterhead and signed by a member of the Student Records team. 
  • Transcript/Record of Academic Achievement showing a breakdown of modules studied and the results for each module.




Contact us


If you require any assistance with processing changes to the student record please contact us on records@napier.ac.uk or 0131 455 6500.


If you have any questions about an order made via the online Records Shop, please contact us at recordsshop@napier.ac.uk