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Edinburgh Napier University is introducing Publish from June 2024. Publish will replace Web Timetables fully for academic year 2024/25. It will be accessible from the staff intranet, myNapier and from the ENU App, replacing the current timetable views for both staff and students. Publish can also be accessed directly at timetable.napier.ac.uk​

​​​Publish is a user friendly way to view personalised teaching and exam timetables, with user specific permissions set to control staff and student access.

Staff View of Publish 

Staff will be able to view their personalised timetable, including any resource booker bookings, alongside an ​extended view of object timetables, including Programme of Study, Modules, Locations, Staff and Students.

Staff will also be able to view class lists, via their personal and the object ti​metables. This will show all students enrolled onto an activity.  The view of class lists is restricted to staff only.

There is guidance available for using Publish at the link below.

Student View of Publish 

Students will be able to view their personalised timetable, including any Resource Booker bookings, alongside a restricted view of object timetables, including Programme of Study, Modules and Locations.

There will be more information​ available to students via myNapier​, including student facing user guidance. 


​  PubishHelpGuide.png