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​​​​​​​Fees and stipends


Full details of policies and procedures relating to the payment of research student fees and stipends are in Section 3 of the Research Degree Framework.​​


Edinburgh Napier studentships


A standard Edinburgh Napier studentship includes:

  • payment of full-time tuition fees at the home/EU rate for three academic years
  • 36 monthly stipend payments

A standard studentship does not include payment of writing up fees.


Any Edinburgh Napier studentship is paid subject to satisfactory academic progress.



Information about the University’s current fee rates is available online.


Further details about fees and fee payments for research students are in Section 3.4 of the Research Degree Framework.



The Edinburgh Napier University standard stipend is paid at the national minimum doctoral stipend rate set by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation).


The stipend rate for 2023/4 is £18,622 (payments from October 2023 to September 2024) 

The stipend rate for 2024/5 is £19,237 (payments from October 2024 to September 2025)  

Further details about stipends for research students are in Section 3.5 of the Research Degree Framework.



Each School Director of Research has nominated individuals within their schools who have responsibility for financial decision-making about research student stipends and fees.


Download: AUTHORISED SIGNATORIES FOR RD2_05jan24.pdf​​

(updated January 2024)


Information about payment of fees and stipends is normally included on the RD2 form which must be signed (and therefore authorised) by the correct person.


Any changes to sponsorship arrangements approved on the RD2 must be requested in writing and authorised by the relevant signatory.


Any new sponsorship arrangements (agreed after a student has registered) must be requested in writing and authorised by the relevant signatory.


The Research Degrees Team in RIE have standard memos that can be used for this purpose.