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​​​Module Evaluat​ion Surveys


Contact: ModuleEvaluation@napier.ac.uk


The aims of Edinburgh Napier’s rolling programme of module evaluation are: 


  • To provide an institutional approach to listening and responding to the student voice.
  • To provide detailed and actionable feedback at module level.
  • To support module leaders in quality aspects.


Module evaluations are conducted online, the Planning & Business Intelligence team set up evaluation surveys centrally for all modules. The standard module evaluation period is from week 12–14 each trimester. 


A module evaluation FAQ document and guidance document are available providing key survey information which will support Module Leaders as they manage their module evaluation process. 


Module Evaluation FAQs.pdfModule Evaluation FAQs for Module Leaders

Module Leaders – Managing Your Module Evaluation


Module Leaders can manage significant parts of their module evaluation process using Evasys+ ​(formerly EvaMetrics). Module Leaders log into this software using their Edinburgh Napier staff number and password. This allows them to view their module evaluation surveys. This link is also available in Quick Links on the staff intranet under Module Evaluation Engagement Portal (Evasys+).  


The parts of the process Module Leaders can manage using Evasys+ include:   


  • Altering module opening and closing dates.
  • Monitoring response rates.
  • Sending additional email reminders to students who have not yet taken part.
  • The number of responses can be monitored in real time during a class when students have been asked to complete.
  • Accessing module results.


Evasys+  Managing Your Module Evaluation

Closing the Loop – Feeding Back to Students

All Module Leaders should use their Evasys+ dashboard after their module evaluation has closed to reflect on the feedback received and share actions with the students who completed the survey. 


Students tell us that it important that they understand how their feedback makes a difference. 


Edinburgh Napier subscribes to the ‘Closing the Loop’ feature on Evasys+. All module leaders should use this function to respond to the module evaluation feedback they have received. 


A step by step guide to using Closing the Loop on Evasys+ to support Module Leaders is available.  


Evasys+  Closing the Loop