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​Module Evaluat​ion Surveys


Module evaluation surveys run at the end of each trimester and provide module leaders with information they can use to improve the design and delivery of their modules. Students are asked to reflect on the whole module.


In Trimester 2 2018/19 Edinburgh Napier introduced a fully online module evaluation process. Paper-based questionnaires will no longer be used.


Key information for module leaders

  • As module leader, you will receive an email to let you know that your module evaluation has opened. Your students will also receive an email inviting them to take part.

  • In order to maintain response rates, those with class contact should continue to give students 5 to 10 minutes at the start of an appropriate class to complete their module evaluations via their mobile devices.

  • You should remind students that the feedback they provide is anonymous.

  • New software (EvaMetrics) will allow you, as a module leader, to send out reminders to non-respondents when required, view response rates, view reports (if there are at least three respondents), close surveys and feedback reflective comments to students via a Closing the Loop option.

  • Module evaluations will open in Week 11. If you require your evaluation to be opened prior to Week 11, please contact ModuleEvaluation@napier.ac.uk and this can be arranged.

  • Module leaders will have access to all reports against their names, including reports from previous trimesters.

How do students take part?

Information for students is available from the myNapier pages​. Students will be able to access their module evaluation surveys using the following options:

  • An email link sent to their university mailbox.

  • The survey block on the Moodle dashboard.

  • The survey tile on the iNapier app.​​​

What should module leaders do when they have the results?

Results from the survey should be shared directly with the module teaching team and actions identified. Findings should then be shared with students (using the Closing the lLoop functionality in EvaMetrics) so that they know what actions will be taken in response to feedback.


Resources to support module leaders

Watch a video showing you how to access module evaluation data

Guide to using the Engagement Portal [November 2019]

Module Evaluation Guidance Document.pdfModule Evaluation Guidance Document

EvaSys'EvaMetrics_FAQS.pdfModule Evaluation FAQS for Module Leaders