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Research Information Management Team


The ‘new’ research management team supports the collection of research related information for research reporting and the policies which underpin research activity. Much of this information will be available through Worktribe, the research management system. We support the administration of Worktribe, as well as providing training and user guidance. The information recorded on Worktribe can be used to generate reports for both internal and external reporting requirements.


Lindsay Ramage – Leader Research Information Management

Lindsay joined Edinburgh Napier University in November 2015, as a Research and Innovation Manager within the RIO external funding team, before becoming the Leader of Research Information Management in September 2016. Before joining Edinburgh Napier, Lindsay worked in the Research Office at Edinburgh University. Prior to working in research management she was a postdoctoral researcher for 8 years at Universities including Edinburgh University, Jagellonian University (Poland) and the University of Hertfordshire. Her research background was in biomedical sciences with a PhD at Edinburgh Napier University and BSc at Strathclyde University.

Lindsay can help with:

  • Worktribe training and general Worktribe queries
  • Research data management planning
  • Researchfish reporting

Contact l.ramage@napier.ac.uk - ext 2946


Ceri Bain - REF Manager

Ceri joined Edinburgh Napier University in 2012 and is a graduate of the Edinburgh Napier Business School, graduating in 2007 with a BA (hons) in Business Management. Having supported the University with the coordination of the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) submission, Ceri went on to support a number of short-term strategic projects relating to the achievement of Strategy2020 and latterly provided administrative support to the Vice-Principal.


Ceri is clerk to the University Research and Innovation Committee and provides guidance on research policy development, as well as coordinating activity relating to preparation for the University’s next Research Excellence Framework submission (REF 2021).


Contact: c.bain@napier.ac.uk - ext 6368​


Callum Egan - Senior Content Producer

Callum joined Edinburgh Napier University in July 2008 as media producer in the School of Computing for European Commission funded Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Initiative - Pervasive Adaptation. He went on to support two further Initiatives - Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems and Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems. All three projects were rated 'excellent' at final review. Callum also designed and managed the Robert Louis Stevenson Website and has provided design and media expertise for numerous other projects within the university. He began working for RIO in July 2016 on a 0.6 contract (working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays). He also works as a Research Fellow in the School of Computing (0.4, Mondays and Thursdays) investigating Blended Spaces in the context of university-based sustainability gardens.


Callum is responsible for online and digital communications for the Research and Innovation Office providing design and media expertise.


Contact: callum.egan@napier.ac.uk - ext 2790


Elaina Lambie - REF Officer

Elaine joined Edinburgh Napier University in 2012. A graduate of Northumbria University in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) Sociology and Social Research, she previously worked as a Research Assistant in Public Policy.


Contact: e.lambie@napier.ac.uk - ext 6366​


Alison McIlveen - REF Officer


Contact: A.McIlveen@napier.ac.uk - ext 6142​


Wendy Steven - External Projects Manager

Wendy can offer advice on financial matters and assistance to Principal Investigators, Researchers and administrators involved in Externally funded projects.

Wendy originally joined the University in December 1994 and has had various posts within Finance, before transferring to RIO in January 2015.


Wendy can help with:

  • At the handover stage from pre award, for awarded projects, she’ll review all documentation and point out key points included in the contracts that the PI needs to be made aware off
  • Update the budget based on the award letter, to ensure that the awarded budget is on the system
  • Have an inception meeting with the PI and administrator to discuss the project (large projects) e.g. provide information about submitting staff change forms, how to go about raising POs, who are the key contacts within the University who can offer additional support etc.
  • Provide guidance to new staff involved in externally funded projects on University processes etc.
  • Provide support and guidance on how to use & utilise Worktribe

Contact: w.steven@napier.ac.uk - ext 6440