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Tax & Payroll update for the 2021/2022 Tax Year
The new tax year begins on 6 April. Here’s some useful information about tax and some of the changes that may affect your pay.
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The new tax year begins on 6 April. Here’s some useful information about tax and some of the changes that may affect your pay.

Tax codes

The personal tax allowance this year is £12,570 – this is the standard rate you won’t pay tax on in most cases, however, this depends on your own personal circumstances.

The rate of tax you pay on earnings over the personal allowance is determined by your place of residence:

  • Scotland – S1257L
  • England and Northern Ireland – 1257L
  • Wales – C1257L

The University actions all tax code notifications we receive from HMRC on a monthly basis. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re paying the correct tax and keep HMRC updated with any change to circumstances, including address details. If you live in an area and your code doesn’t reflect this, contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300.  You will need to quote your name, your National Insurance number and the University’s Tax Reference, 961/7027438.

Working from Home Allowance

If you’re continuing to work from home, you can claim tax relief on additional costs.  

HMRC have made it easier to claim tax relief on costs for working from home with a new simplified form. You’ll need to register for a government gateway account if you don't already have one – have a payslip and your NI number handy. You can apply for tax relief for the whole of 2020/2021 even if you were only required to work from home for part of this time.

To receive tax relief for the 2021/2022 tax year, you need to apply again.


P60s are end of year tax statements that show taxable pay. This is your total gross pay, less any deductions that attract tax relief, including pension contributions and salary sacrifice deductions.

P60s for 2020/21 will be issued at the start of May. These are available on HR Connect under the Pay & Benefits section, the same place as you can view your monthly payslip. P60s are also emailed to you if you have completed your e-preferences on HR Connect – login into HR Connect, click on the face icon in the top right-hand corner of screen, click on e-form preferences, and complete your details.

Payroll cut-off reminder

The payroll cut-off date for all payment claims to be received and authorised is the tenth of the month.   Please complete any payment claims as early as possible to allow your manager to approve them by close of business on this date. Claims that miss the deadline will be processed and paid the following month. Contact the Payroll team if you have any questions.

National Insurance Rates

These remain the same for the 2021/2022 tax year. HMRC rates and thresholds can be found here.

Please note the Scottish and Welsh tax rates are yet to be confirmed for 2021/2022.

Any questions on Income Tax? Contact HMRC.




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