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Changes to phishing report email notifications
There will be changes to the notifications you receive following a phishing report from 12 Feburary 2024.
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There will be changes to the notifications you receive following a phishing report from 12 Feburary 2024. 

Currently when you report phishing emails, a UniDesk Call (an automated email you received from Edinburgh Napier University unidesk@napier.ac.uk) was automatically created. Information Services analysed the reported email and then responded on a call to you with a verdict as to whether we considered the email suspicious or not and what action we took. This message came from “Edinburgh Napier University unidesk@napier.ac.uk".

However, when you report phishing emails from 12 Febrauary, the response will now be one of three verdicts (Phishing, Spam or No Threat Found) and will arrive separately from submissions@messaging.microsoft.com looking like the image below. 

A screenshot of an example notification email. The headline is 'Phishing'.

These messages are simply notifications for your information – you do not need to take any further action if you receive one of these. If you have a follow-up question, you can reply on the UniDesk call, like before.  

Please note: We will not see any responses to the submissions@messaging.microsoft.com email and you will not be able to email this address.


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