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Salary Finance

We've partnered with Salary Finance, an award-winning financial wellbeing provider that helps employees better manage their finances.

Salary Finance offer access to affordable, salary-deducted loans, a range of savings and investment products, and access to financial education.

Head to the Salary Finance website​ to see what they can offer you, including:

  •           Guidance, offering education and support on all money matters
  •          Salary-deducted loans that could help you to save money on debt repayments – payments come straight from your monthly salary, simple and hassle-free
  •           A range of workplace ISA products

And remember – when you apply for a product with Salary Finance, your credit history and loan details are kept confidential. Edinburgh Napier won't know any of the details.


First Scottish University Credit Union Limited 

Edinburgh Napier University has also joined Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh by enabling its staff to become members of First Scottish University Credit Union Limited (FSUCUL). FSUCUL was set up in 1991 by 12 staff at Heriot-Watt University but now boasts over 200 members. Membership is free and open to all staff at Edinburgh Napier. Find out more at www.universitycu.org.uk or contact them on 0131 451 8005 / universitycu@abcul.org.  


Santander Universities network 

Edinburgh Napier University is part of the Santander Universities network. Through this partnership, Santander is funding scholarships, mobility awards and projects at the University. Santander offers a flexible ISA to staff - see http://www.santander-products.co.uk/universities/index.html for more information.  Contact details: Bhav Joshi, Branch Manager, Santander Universities, Tel: 05511431354, email: Bhavika.Joshi@santander.co.uk.


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