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What will Edinburgh look like in 2050?
The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision campaign is inviting everyone to contribute their vision for what Edinburgh should look like in 2050. Have your say here…
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Throughout its history, Edinburgh has been a city of innovation and change. The last 30 years have been no different. Edinburgh is now a successful city where its population is growing more quickly than any other major city in the UK, and whose strong economy and quality of life is recognised across the world.
Edinburgh now needs an ambitious Vision for 2050 – one that we can all understand and buy into.
The 2050 Edinburgh City Vision campaign launched last month, inviting everyone who lives here to contribute their vision for how they would like Edinburgh to be in 2050.
The project will compile suggestions into a collective City Vision – a blueprint for the future that every person, business and organisation can take inspiration from – with findings to be announced next year.
Find out more about the campaign and submit your vision before 14 December at www.edinburgh2050.com.

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