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ENU SafeZone
Keeping you safe and secure at work.
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At Edinburgh Napier University, we are committed to making a safe and secure environment for colleagues and students whether they are studying, working or at home.

On campus, our Security Services are provided on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year, by teams of Edinburgh Napier Security colleagues and it's now easier to get in touch to raise any concerns or get help.  

To further empower colleagues and strengthen security at work, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with SafeZone, a free app to connect you with our Security Team.

What is SafeZone for?

The SafeZone app allows you to send location-based alerts to campus security whenever you need first aid, emergency response, or general assistance at the tap of a button.

You can use SafeZone to:

  • Check in if you are studying alone or lone working on campus
  • Be alerted to any emergency incident on campus
  • Access 24/7 wellbeing services
  • Discreetly call for help if you feel unsafe on campus
  • Quickly request medical assistance, including first aid or emergency assistance

How does SafeZone work?

SafeZone has 4 main buttons:

First Aid

If you, or someone you are with, needs any medical assistance you can use the First Aid button to send an alert to security and share your details and location with them. If needed, you can cancel the request by tapping the button again before the timer ends.

You will then have the option to speak to security over the phone or through the chat function and a first aider will then come to your location to assist. Please call 999 if urgent medical attention is required.


This button allows you to quickly call security for any non-urgent security related issues. This will also raise an alarm in the control room.


If you or someone you are with requires an urgent emergency response, you can send an alert to the security team by tapping this button. If needed, you can cancel the request by tapping the button again before the timer ends. Once the alert has gone through, your location will be shared with security, and you will have the option to speak to them over the phone or through the chat function. A member of the security team will then come to your location to assist. Please call 999 in an urgent or life-threatening situation.


This button allows you to access 27/7 wellbeing services. Through the app you can access our employee assistance programme, MCL Medics.

What else can it do?

  • Emergency notifications: Get important notifications straight to your phone to be aware of any emergencies on campus.
  • Local advice: Have access to location-specific safety information
  • Chat function: After raising an alarm, you will be given an option to call security, or press the blue and white speech bubble to open a chat box to speak to them through text.
  • Manual check-in: If you are working alone or in a situation where you would like someone to know where you are, you can check-in to share your location with the security team. SafeZone will automatically check you out when you leave the campus.
  • Check-in timer: You can also set a check-in timer. This checks you in and keeps you checked in until the timer ends. You will have the option to cancel or re-set the timer. If the timer ends, SafeZone will alert the security team who will access and attend your location to check on you.
  • Automatic check-in: This feature automatically updates your location when you enter a university campus. This will only be activated if you grant SafeZone permission to do so.
  • Torch
  • Show you your current location

Download the app now, by searching SafeZone on your mobile app store, to send location-based alerts whenever you need an immediate emergency response, first-aid or any other general assistance.

About: SafeZone (iOS App Store version) | | Apptopia

SafeZone was developed with a strong focus on protecting the privacy of users. The following video will describe the different safeguards in place including, encryption and how and when you share your details.

For more information about SafeZone, please check out the FAQs


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