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Agresso How To Videos Page

Unit4 Business World How To Videos Page


We have utilised Camtasia software, recording onscreen activity with audio and web cam video, to provide additional help to users familiarising themselves with Unit4 BW (Agresso) functionality.



Why am I being asked to login when I click to access a video?

This will occur the first time you access the videos page (each session) as videos are stored on a secure part of the intranet. The videos contain images which form part of a proprietary system and are the intellectual property of Unit4 Business World.


Unit4 Business World New Features Explained

A walk through the new Web screen including logging into Unit4 Business World (Agresso) and explanation of some new features.


Requisition Entry

A guide to processing a requisition. Requisitions, once completely approved, will be converted to the Purchase Orders that will issue to the suppliers.


Requisition Approval

A guide to approving transactions through Task Manager.


Goods Receipting

A guide to processing receipt of goods or services. This step should always be completed as soon as the goods or services have been received.


Web Reports

A guide to running reports on the Web.



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