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Publishing your work to the Edinburgh Napier LTA Resource Bank




Edinburgh Napier University would like to invite its teachers and supporters of learning to consider submitting examples of your work for publication to our LTA Resource Bank.


The Resource Bank has been redesigned to encourage submissions which are more fully expressive of Edinburgh Napier’s approach to teaching and learning. This means cases which aren’t simply demonstrative, but reflective of the author’s learning. More than simply being a showcase for ‘successful’ practice, the Bank welcomes your accidental discoveries, failed experiments and ongoing questions. The entries of most use to you and your peers are the ones which are pursuable through your own research or professional development. Even cases which seem straightforward or overly convoluted could be hiding the potential for future learning. To that end, the submission form has been redesigned with prompts and techniques enabling our authors to realise this approach in the writing of their cases.


Above all, the Resource Bank is a way for us to build a community around our knowledge, experience and ambitions by sharing examples of our LTA practice. Along with links to a wide range of LTA resources, case studies and exemplars, you can also find links to academic regulations and guidance notes and take part in LTA-related discussions through comments and other functions – all supported by or complementing LTA Strategy 2020.


Since Edinburgh Napier University offers the Resource Bank as a completely open resource, you will be asked to assign a Creative Commons Licence to your case study.


For the case studies, we are looking for examples of learning, teaching and assessment practice which highlight activities that have enhanced the student experience and/or that are innovative. This will provide an evidence base to inform the LTA activities across the University. Examples of practice might include:


  • LTA activities which have helped to develop confident individuals
  • the use of technology-enhanced learning
  • introducing new ways of enabling feedback between teachers and students
  • producing learning materials for the international delivery of modules and programmes
  • working with colleagues across Schools and Faculties to produce co-curricular modules
  • working with colleagues in partner organisations.


How to publish your work


Click on the link to the submission form below. Take a few minutes to read through the submission form and consider the information you will need. The information required includes the following:


  • A description of the activity.
  • An outline of the impact it has on learning, teaching and/or assessment and a brief reflective commentary. The reflective commentary should draw from your experience and identify what worked well and what challenges, if any, had to be overcome.
  • Consider how this activity may be used by colleagues in other Faculties/Schools.
  • You might find it helpful to save your work in a word file before entering it into the form as there is no save facility.


To ensure that they fit the aims of the Resource Bank, case studies are not published automatically upon submission. We will contact you if we have any queries about your case study of if we require any major changes (other than proofreading changes) before it goes live, or if your case study cannot be published at this stage.


If you have any queries about the Resource Bank or are unsure about submitting your work for publication please email Errol Rivera at e.rivera@napier.ac.uk. By submitting this form you are agreeing for your case study to be published on the Edinburgh Napier website.


We look forward to receiving your entry and hope you find the Resource Bank a valuable resource.


Submission form >>​​​​​​​​