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Digital Signage


Edinburgh Napier University has Digital Signage across its 3 main campuses.


There are over 40 screens in public and social areas on Craiglockhart, Merchiston and Sighthill.   


What is Digital Signage?


Digital signage is electronic multimedia notice boards. The screens support a range of dynamic media formats including images, videos and scrolling text


The screens can be updated from a central content management system (CMS) which can be accessed from any computer on campus.   The digital signage content management system allows for schedules and playlists to be played at specified time and date thus allowing content to be lined up and timetabled in advance


The screens will be used to promote University events and services as well showcase the work and achievements of our staff and students.


Types of Screens

  • Individual digital signage screens - individual (single) screens across all the campuses.These screens are available as University resource. Find out more how to add content to the screens.
  • Media Walls – a 4 screen media wall at Craiglockhart and Merchiston and a 16 screen media wall at Sighthill. Find out more. 
  • Touch Screens – 3 touch screens based at the reception on each campus. Find out more.
  • Department / School owned screens - individual (single) screens across all the campuses. These screens are exclusively for the use of the purchasing department or school. Find out how to request a screen.


Screen Play Time

The maximum play time for each screen is 16 hours a day in accordance with our suppliers warranty regulations.  Our screens will therefore be operational between 07:30-20:00 hours (12.5 hours a day in total) Monday - Friday.


This was decided by the Digital Signage Content Governance Group in order to reduce energy used (e.g. not have the screens playing when there is a limited or no audience) and it also allow us to extend play time by 3.5 hours on a given day should we need to extend our play time. 


If the screens play hours (07:30-20:00) need to be altered to run later/earlier for a particular event a written request must be approved by the Digital Signage Content Governance Group.


These request should be made 28 days in advance and should be emailed to the IS Service Desk in the first instance stating reason for and duration of play time change.