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External Automatic Forwards

University data can be transmitted to uncontrolled locations such as personal email accounts, or attacker-controlled mailboxes when external automatic forwards are set. 

Find out how to switch off automatic forwards: Removing Auto Forwards from Your Edinburgh Napier Mailbox.pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Q:  Why is auto forwarding my email to an external account dangerous?

A:  There are several common techniques that can occur when auto forwards are set, including: 

  • Data Leakage/Data Breach- University data could be sent to a device that does not comply with the Universities policies and standards.
  • Setting up forwarding rules to obtain access to a steady stream of email without needing to sign-in again.
  • Reputational Damage – If an account is compromised, the hacker could use the account auto forward to spam multiple email addresses. This could see our mail servers added to a blacklist.
  • Compliance and Privacy – Again data that is intended to stay internal to the University may be being sent to a non-compliant device. 
  • The external mail servers you are forwarding to may not be secure and safe.

Q:  Does this change affect the use of the ‘Forward’ button in Outlook?

A:  No, you can still forward individual messages from your mailbox.

Q:  Does this change affect automatic forwarding between University email addresses?

A:  No, this change only affects forwards to external mailboxes.

Q:  Why is it better to use our Edinburgh Napier mailbox without forwarding to my personal email account?

A:  Edinburgh Napier email is encrypted internally so they keep the data safe.

Q:  Does this change affect students?

A:  No, this change only affects staff.