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​Data protection


Photographs and any digital image of a person are considered personal data. All pictures taken by University staff are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the University Photography and Film General Consent ​Form must be signed by participants before any picture can legally be used.

You should always gain consent from individuals when photographs are taken. When crowd or group photographs are taken, written consent is not required from each person, however individuals should be given the opportunity to remove themselves from the area being photographed. Please download the Photography and Film Display Notice for your event. Further details are contained in the GDPR code of practice for photography and film. 

An individual may, at any time, withdraw consent from further use being made of their photograph. This request should be submitted in writing to the University Secretary's Office indicating when the photograph was taken. It should however be noted that publications in circulation will not be withdrawn. The withdrawal will take effect from the subsequent production of the publication.