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Forms, Guidance and Policies


You can find forms, guidance and policy documents on section's site however we have brought them altogether on this page to provide quicker access should you know which document you require.

The documents listed below are organised first by section then, within each section, into forms and information/guidance documents. We have included a brief description about each document however you should contact the relevant section should you have any further query.


Links to Documents by Section

Link to Agresso documents and guidance.


Link to Finance Regulations, Policies and Insurance Certificates.


Link to PCI DSS Documents and Guidance.


Link to Procurement documents and guidance.


Link to Financial Accounting Documents and Guidance.


Link to Treasury & Transactions Documents and Guidance.



Annual Statutory Accounts



Annual Statutory Accounts


The annual statutory accounts for the University and NUVL are available for download in PDF format.





Commercial Account Application


Form to be completed for all new customers requiring a credit account with the University.


New Folder / Amendment


Form to be completed to have a new folder set up or to have an existing one amended or closed.


Web Reporting Access


Form to complete to request access to Agresso Web Reporting for a new user.


Account Codes


Listing of Account Codes used in Agresso.


Agresso Web - Viewing Workflow Pane


Procedure for viewing a workflow map on Agresso Web.


Short Coding List


Explanation of the coding required for every transaction keyed into Agresso to facilitate the reporting functionality.


Site Codes


Explanation of the site codes used within Agresso.


Web Reporting - Quick Guide


Quick guide to running Web Reporting in Agresso.


Financial Accounting



Commercial Project Proposal Form


Complete and submit this form for commercial projects such as consultancy, CPD and contract research.


Non-Commercial Project Proposal Form


Complete and submit this form for other Non-Commercial projects such as Interreg, ERDF and Academic Conferences.


European Funded Projects: Financial Compliance Policy


Outlines the support available to projects and the steps which all Principal Investigators and Project Teams must take when developing European funded proposals and executing successfully funded projects.


Externally Funded Projects Definitions & Guidance


Offering guidance on externally funded income streams from research, commercialisation and knowledge transfer type activities.


Finance Regulations & Policies



Accounting Policy


Statement of the University's principal accounting policies.


Anti Money Laundering Policy


Sets out the procedure to be followed if money laundering is suspected, defining the responsibility of individual employees in the process.


Bribery Act Policy Statement

Updated Jan 2024

The University's policy statement concerning the Bribery Act 2010. Reviewed and links updated Jan 2024


Financial and Management Control Framework


Defining the financial and management control framework approved by the Principal and a value for money strategy approved by the Audit Committee on behalf of the University Court.


Finance Regulations


Sets out the University's Financial Regulations, with links to the University's policies relating to financial management and control, and to guidance on the practical application of these policies.


Fraud Policy


This University policy encourages staff to be aware of fraud, bring suspected fraud to notice and provide a framework response plan for investigating and reporting fraud.


Schedule of Delegation


Links to the University Secretary's Office site containing the definition of how the University Court delegates its powers to ensure the orderly conduct of the business of the University in a timely and efficient manner.


Treasury Management Policy


Defines the University's treasury management policies to provide effective control of the risks associated with University cash flows, banking, money market and capital market transactions, allowing optimum performance consistent with those risks.


Tuition Fee Policy

March 2023

This document details the terms conditions and the processes that will be undertaken by the Credit Control team in managing the non-payment of Fees, Accommodation and Library.





Cardholder Data and PDQ Monthly Checklist

January 2018

Check list for departments to complete and save to show compliance with PCI DSS regulations.


Cardholder Data and PDQ Offsite Checklist

January 2018

Check list for data in transit (out of normal operational activity EG: Graduation ceremony) to complete and save to show compliance with PCI DSS regulations.


Debit/Credit Card Use and Storage Security Guidance

July 2023

This policy document covers all aspects of security surrounding the use of credit/debit card machines and confidential University information and must be distributed to all employees and adhered to within each University outlet that uses PDQs/Card terminals.


Incidence Response Plan

December 2020

Outline procedures that must be followed if a compromise is suspected.


Outlet Quick Reference Guide to PCIDSS

January 2018

Quick reference guide outlining the processes to follow in order to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) as well as good business practices related to the handling of credit/debit card information for outlets/schools/services that use and take credit/debit card payments either in person (Cardholder present )or over the telephone (Cardholder not present).


PCI DSS Glossary

April 2016

Glossary of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used by PCI DSS.





New Supplier Form

March 2023

To request the addition of a new supplier to the Agresso finance system, email this form to the supplier to complete. Once you receive the completed form, please review to ensure it meets the guidelines noted at the top of the form. Email the completed form to procurement@napier.ac.uk and include a copy of company letter headed paper with bank details. On receipt of a valid form, you can expect email confirmation within 5 working days that new supplier has been added to the Agresso finance system.


Procurement Request Form Process Instruction


Guidance on completing the Procurement Request Form (PRF).


Procurement Request Process - Online System

Feb 2019

The Procurement Request Form should be completed by a staff member wishing to make a purchase or commit expenditure at a threshold of £12.5k or above.


Procurement Request Form – Manual

Feb 2019

Procurement Request Form – Manual.


Procurement Terms & Conditions

July 2020

Procurement Terms & Conditions.


Single Source Justification £5k to £12.5k Note


Guidance on completing Single Source Justification Form.


Single Source Justification £5k to £12.5k Form


SSJ Form for use between £5k and £12.5k where only one quote obtained.


ERPT Procurement Strategy

Jan 2020

The Edinburgh Regional Procurement Team (ERPT) is a recently founded regional procurement shared service. This document outlines the strategy designed to ensure legislative compliance with the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 20141 and other relevant legislation.


Procurement Thresholds


Procurement Thresholds.


Procurement Timelines


Standard Procurement Timelines


Procurement Roles and Responsibilities


Roles and Responsibilities of Procurement Function, Procurement Manager and End User/ Customer


Requisitioning Guide


Explains how to process requisitions and goods received notices in Agresso Procurement.


Requisition Status Guide


Guide to explain how to check the status of your requisition and find out which stage it is at in the Agresso approvals workflow.


Treasury & Transactions



Credit Note Request


For a Credit Note please complete and submit this form to Sales Ledger.


Expense Claim for Externals (FIN4)

May 2016

Claim form to request reimbursement of travel expenses for those external to the University.


Foreign Payment Request (FIN6)


This form enables University staff to request payment in a foreign currency or where the receiving bank in non UK, although a bank to bank transfer is more secure and the University preferred method.


GBP Funds Requisition (FIN5)


A University Purchase Card should be used when purchasing goods and services, however this form may be used by staff to claim very "low value" out of pocket expenses. All original receipts must be attached (photocopies are NOT acceptable).


Sales Invoice Request


For a Sales Invoice please complete and submit this form to Sales Ledger.


Staff Attending Course/Conference


Claims are now made via Agresso, please click the link to be taken to the Agresso log in page


Overseas Subsistence Daily Rates for Expenses

Feb 2016

All overseas subsistence expenses will be reimbursed up to the maximum daily amount permitted by HMRC. These maximum daily amounts vary by country and city, and in the USA, by state.


PO Number Required to Insure Invoice Is Raised


The companies listed require a purchase order number on any invoice so, to insure your invoice is raised, this MUST be included on your invoice request. Please note this list is subject to change so you should always refer to the document online.


Receipt of Monies Guidance


Details the terms and conditions under which monies received into Edinburgh Napier University is managed and banked.


Treasury Management Policy


Defines the University's treasury management policies to provide effective control of the risks associated with University cash flows, banking, money market and capital market transactions, allowing optimum performance consistent with those risks.


Travel Expenses User Guide

Apr 2021

This explains the new expense claims procedure to be followed as of the forthcoming announcement in April 2021.


Travel Policy FAQs

May 2018

These FAQ’s have been drafted to assist in answering frequently asked questions relating to the reimbursement of expenses in the University Travel & Expenses Policy.


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