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​Student Conduct



Welcome to the Edinburgh Napier University page providing staff information on how student conduct issues are managed. This section of the University website concerns matters relating to student conduct and discipline. 

The University expects students to conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner at all times. These values are fundamental to the functioning of an academic community and the University will take appropriate action where a proven breach of its regulations has occurred. 

Specific regulations apply to student conduct where Fitness to Practise applies. 

This site provides access to the core regulations that apply to students during their time at the University and contact details for further information. Here you will find information and links relating to matters such as student conduct and discipline including harassment, students' responsibilities relating to data protection, copyright, freedom of speech, and use of the facilities provided by the University (such as IT Facilities and library areas).

The University's Student Conduct and Fitness to Practise procedures can be found on theAcademic Regulations page

Reporting An Incident

If you have cause for concern regarding the actions or behaviour of an Edinburgh Napier student you should report it, at your earliest convenience, to the Complaints & Student Conduct Manager (CSCM) on 0131 455 2396 or email: complaints@napier.ac.uk


If you are advising students who wish to report an incident, they can be advised to inform the CSCM above or they may use the Report and Support webpage.  Please advise students who wish to report assault, abuse and/or harassment to read the information here​, where possible, in advance of making their report.


Here individuals can report a wide range of concerns including, but not exclusively, those relating to the following:

  • Sexual assault
  • Relationship abuse
  • Hate crimes
  • Bully and harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination


Please note, however students chose to report an incident, we will listen and handle the issue as fairly and as quickly as we can but we cannot guarantee that we will not take action even if they request us not to. We will usually be led by the wishes of the person making the report but in certain situations, particularly where we believe there is a potential risk to the safety of one or more individuals, then we may have to take action which could include making a report to the police. If we elect to take further action then we will fully advise the person reporting that we are doing this and outline the rationale for doing so.


Full details of our support services for students can be found by clicking here.


Regulations Guidance

All students at Edinburgh Napier agree to comply with the various regulations, conditions and policies of the University that pertain to students from time to time. All students are members of the University Community and as such, are bound to abide by each set of Regulations in full. It is, therefore, important that students and staff take time to be familiar with them.

The Regulations can be found on the Academic Regulations page​

Student Conduct Regulations 

Students should be aware of the Student Conduct Regulations and we also ask that students are aware of their obligations as set out in the Student Charter and Student Professional Standards​

Advice and guidance on the use and implementation of the Student Conduct regulations can be sought from the Complaints & Student Conduct Manager.

Students who are subject to disciplinary procedures should consider the services available from ENSA Advice. We recommend any student who is subject to an assault, abuse and/or harassment report reads the information found here, where they can find details of the process they can expect and sources of advice and support available to them.

Advice and guidance on policy, procedure, and process can be sought from the Complaints and Student Conduct Manager by emailing complaints@napier.ac.uk.

Fitness to Practise Regulations

Edinburgh Napier Students who are undertaking a Nursing, Midwifery or Veterinary Nursing course should familiarise themselves with the Fitness to Practise Regulations

Fitness to Practise cases are co-ordinated by the School in which the student studies. 

Students who are subject to Fitness to Practise action are recommended seek representation from the ENSA Advice and staff should advise students in this situation to seek this advice.

Referral to Conduct Committees

In cases of more serious breaches of University regulations, a student may be, where applicable, referred to a University Disciplinary Committee (UDC). This committee will hear the case against the student and, if the allegations are proven, will impose a suitable penalty. The committee can permanently expel students from the University if a breach is found to be serious enough. 

Students who are asked to appear before this committee are recommended seek representation from ENSA Advice Service and staff should advise students in this situation to seek this advice.

Bullying and Harassment 

Edinburgh Napier University is committed to ensuring the right of all students and staff to be treated with respect and dignity. The University operates on the basis of equal opportunities for all, and will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of any member of the University community by another, or the victimisation of anyone for reporting such behaviour. The University has a statutory obligation to protect its students and staff from harassment. Anyone who suffers such treatment will have the support of the University management, the trade unions and the Edinburgh Napier Students' Association in taking action to stop it. 

All reports of bullying and harassment will be investigated and action may be taken against perpetrators if evidence suggests that any form of bullying and/or harassment has taken place. The term bullying and harassment covers verbal and physical as well as abusive postings directed at individuals on social network websites which could be construed as “cyber bullying”. If you feel you are or have been a victim of cyber bullying, you may wish to view the support available at the Cybersmile Foundation website.


Reports can also be made as outlined in the Reporting an Incident section above.


Who can you contact? 

Below is a list of contacts you may wish to consider regarding student conduct issues.

To report an incident or suspected breach of regulations:

Email complaints@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 2396 

Security (in Emergency):

Email SecurityControl@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 6119

Accommodation Services (for anything occurring at or related to the University’s student residences):

Email accommodation@napier.ac.uk​ or telephone 0131 455 3713

If you are a student subject to any of the disciplinary procedures or a member of staff applying them:

Advice for students and staff

Contact: Complaints and Student Conduct Manager via email complaints@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 2396​


Independent Advice and Support for Students

Contact: ENSA Advice​ via email ensa.advice@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 229 8791​


Advice and support for staff

Contact: Human Resources via email hr@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 3362​


For staff and students to report bullying or harassment by a student
Contact: Complaints and Student Conduct Manager via email complaints@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 2396​


For staff to report bullying or harassment by a member of staff
Contact: Human Resources via email hr@napier.ac.uk or telephone 0131 455 3362​


Report and Support webpage for anyone looking to report an instance of misconduct either with or without action being taken.


  ​​​​Page last updated 28 April 2023