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Napier Coat of ArmsBiographical Details of Members of Court


This section provides brief biographical details of the members of Court


A number of new members join the Court each year and updates on this section will be made throughout the academic session.

Diversity Data

The Diversity data as provided by Court members and submitted as part of the University’s statutory data return to HESA for 2023 is as follows:​

​National Ident​ity ​Ethnicity ​Age ​Disa​bility
British: 14
White British: 8
​20-30: <5 Not Disabled: 13
​Scottish: <5 ​White Scottish: <5 ​30-40: <5 ​Not Known: <5
English: <5​ Other White: <5​ 40-50: <5​ ​Prefer Not To Say: <5
​Chinese: <5
Chinese: <5​ 50-60: 8
​Hidden Disability: <5
​Irish: <5
Indian: <5​ ​60-70: 6
​Not Stated: <5
Not Stated: <5​ Irish: <5​ 70-80: <5​

​Other Black: <5

African: <5

Not Stated: <5​

Lay Member Skills Matrix

In accordance with the new Scottish Code of Good Higher Education Governance, Court is expected to draw up and make public a register of the balance of skills, attributes and experience required in the membership of the governing body, to inform the recruitment of appointed lay members of the governing body as well as regular assessment of the balance of skills across the membership of the governing body.


Download the Lay Member Skill Matrix here.