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Policies and Procedures


This section provides details of the university's Health and Safety Policy. 

It describes the university's Health & Safety Management System and provides a framework for the university's business that is research, educational, management and other activities.


We have adopted a health and safety management system that sets clear direction for us to follow to ensure that excellent health and safety standards are implemented. We will ensure that all staff are competent in managing their own health and safety and that of others. We will aim to measure the effectiveness of all our systems and processes regularly to ensure that we continually improve. The management of health and safety arrangements will be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are up to date and relevant. ​

Read full Management of Health & Safety (Policy & Arrangements)​ document 

The Health & Safety Policy is divided into three distinct parts:

The Statement of General Health & Safety Policy and Statement of Intent which provides the policy and general direction for the management and governance of health and safety within Edinburgh Napier University.
Organisation and Responsibilities ​which sets out how this part of the policy is organised within the university and defines responsibilities and accountabilities for all staff.
Arrangements (A-Z of policies) which sets out the arrangements in place to achieve the health and safety objectives of the Health & Safety Policy.

See also:  Management of Health & Safety web page (useful resources for senior managers)

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