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Health and Safety Policies - A to Z



   Policy Link Description




Abrasive Wheels Abrasive Wheels Policy​


Access Out With Normal Hours

Access Out With Normal Working Hours

Authorisation Form ​ 


Access to the University by Children

​Access to the University by Children​​​​ 

Accidents, Dangerous Occurrences and Near Misses

​Accident, Dangerous Occurrence and Near Miss Policy ​​


Appointment of Competent Health & Safety Staff


Appointment of Competent Health & Safety Staff

Asbestos click here   Link to Property & Facilities policy

​Body Fluids ​See under "Cleaning up body fluids"
​Chemicals ​See Hazardous Substances / Hazardous Chemicals
​Children ​See Access to the University by Children
​Cleaning up body fluids Guidance document​
​Confined Spaces ​​Working Safely in Confined Spaces 

Contractors Policy​

See also: Code of Practice for Management of University Contractors/Works​​

​Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health​

Copy of blank COSHH assessment form​

​COSHH for cleaning operations COSHH Policy (Cleaning Operations) v1.0 2023-02.pdf​

COSHH Cleaning Guidance Sheets:
Cleaning Materials
Bodily Fluids

Control of Vibration at Work click here Link to Property & Facilities policy
​Defibrillators ​​Defibrillator Guidance​​​
Design, Development and Manufacture Design, Development and Manufacture Policy​

Drinking and Ea​ting Drinking & Eating Policy ​
Driving at Work (University Owned/Hired/Leased Vehicles)

Driving at Work Policy​​


​Drones Drones and UAVs Policy​​​ ​​
​DSE - Display Screen Equipment  ​​DSE Policy​

​DSEAR  Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations​ 
​Electrical Testing ​See Portable Appliance Testing
Emergency Procedure

​​click here​   

What to do in the event of the fire alarm sounding or on discovering a fire


Emergencies - other

clic​k here​​

 e.g. hazardous chemical spillage, gas leak - link to emergency response procedures 


​Equipment ​​See under Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Events, Exhibitions and Filming

PD​F - summary

PDF - full


​External clients - leasing rooms / labs / equipment ​​Guidance for the management of external clients leasing rooms, laboratories or equipment from the University

(Word version of forms from Guidance document​)

External clients induction form

External clients - Responsible Person Duties ​

Filming See under Events, Exhibitions and Filming

​Fire Policy​​

Fire Summary Policy​

 Policy covering the fire safety management strategy for the university

​Fire extinguishers ​Fire Extinguisher Guide​
First aid ​First Aid Policy​​  


​First aiders guidance ​​First Aiders Guidance​
​Hazardous Substances ​Hazardous Substances Policy (Safe Purchase, Storage and Disposal)​​
​Hazards - reporting of ​​​PDF - summary ​ ​
Health Surveillance

​​PDF - summary​

PDF - full​​


Heating click here Link to Property & Facilities policy
Homeworking click here   Link to HR&D policy



​Housekeeping Policy​


​Ladders and Stepladders ​Ladders and Stepladders Policy​
Ladder checklists

Legionella click here   Link to Property & Facilities policy


​Legislation and Guidance ​Legislation and Guidance Register​​
Lift Release Procedure click here Link to Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) - see page 5 of ERP document

​Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) ​Health & Safety Executive guidance : Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) - Work equipment and machinery (hse.gov.uk)​

​Lone Working ​​See Working Alone
​Management of Health & Safety ​​Management of Health & Safety - Guidance for Deans & Directors​​
​Manual Handling ​​Manual Handling ​Policy​​​

Multi-functional Devices, Laser Printers, Specialist Printers & 3D Printers

​MFDs, Laser Printers, Specialist Printers & 3D Printers


Noise Policy​


​Pagers ​​Pagers Policy (issuing of vibrating pagers)​

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

​Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy​​​

Photocopiers ​ See Multi-functional Devices, Photocopiers and Laser Printers
​Policy - School/Service H&S ​See under "School/Service Safety Policy/Codes"​
​Portable Appliance Testing ​​​Electrical Portable Appliance Testing Policy
Printers (including 3D Printers) See Multi-functional Devices, Laser Printers, Specialist Printers & 3D Printers​


​3D Printing ​See Design, Development and Manufacture
Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER)

PUWER Policy​

PUWER flowchart - selection of work equipment ​



​Radiation - x-ray generators

Radiation - ionising radiation




​ ​
Restricted Areas

Restricted areas summary​

Policy covering access to restricted areas e.g. plant rooms

​Risk Assessment ​​​Risk Assessment Policy​
Flowchart​ ​ ​Guidance on risk assessment and how to carry out and complete the risk assessment form

Safe Systems of Work

​Safe Systems of Work Policy​

School/Service Safety Policy/Codes PDF​

Policy template covering what should be included in individual school/service safety policies


Smoking ​Smoking Policy​


Statutory Inspections



Policy covering statutory inspections carried out by enforcement agencies or insurance/service engineers


​Stress ​Stress Policy​​ ​​​ ​
Stress Managers Guide
Stress Employees Guide​

Managing Stress e-Guide tool 
(external link to European Agency for Safety & Health at Work)

Supervision of Students


Policy covering the supervision of students in workshops and laboratories

Training and Competency

Policy​  policy covering training provided for staff as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act

Appendix 2 ​  Word version of blank competency matrix


Transportation of Gas Cylinders in Vehicles

Transportation of Gas Cylinders policy​

Transportation of Gas Cyclinders summary​

Policy covering driver requirements, vehicle requirements and safety rules for drivers


Travel Overseas


Travel Overseas Policy​​

Travel Overseas Guidance​

​See also Travel ​


Violence at Work

Violence at Work Policy​


Visitors ​Visitors Policy​

Water Management ​See under Legionella
​Welding and Cutting Welding and Cutting Policy​
​Work Equipment ​See under Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Working Alone

Working Alone Policy​​

Working Alone during Covid-19​​


​Working Alone - Social Researchers ​Lone Working Procedure for Social Researchers

​Working at Height ​​Working at Height Policy​
Ladder checklist and register

Working Safely in Confined Spaces


click here    Link to Property & Facilities policy
Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare)

Workplace Regulations Policy

Workplace Regulations Summary​

Policy covering workplace health, safety and welfare requirements in the University



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