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Health and Safety Policies - A to Z



   Policy Link Description




Abrasive Wheel click here Link to Property & Facilities policy


Access Out With Normal Hours

Access Out With Normal Hours​ 


Policy covering the procedure for accessing the University out with normal working hours



Access to the University by Children

​Access to the University by Children​ 

Accidents, Dangerous Occurrences and Near Misses

​Accident, Dangerous Occurrence and Near Miss Policy ​​


Appointment of Competent Health & Safety Staff


Appointment of Competent Health & Safety Staff

Asbestos click here   Link to Property & Facilities policy

​Body Fluids ​See under "Cleaning up body fluids"
​Chemicals ​See Hazardous Substances / Hazardous Chemicals
​Children ​See Access to the University by Children
​Cleaning up body fluids Guidance document​

Confined Spaces


See under Working Safely in Confined Spaces



Contractors Policy​

Control of Vibration at Work click here Link to Property & Facilities policy
​Defibrillators ​​Defibrillator Guidance​
Design, Development and Manufacture Policy
Policy covering safety requirements for any process or equipment designed, developed or manufactured by a School/Service. Includes guidance on 3D printing.

Drinking and Ea​ting ​PDF
Driving at Work (University Hired / Leased Vehicles)  

Driving at Work Policy

Driving at Work Summary​

 Policy providing guidance and a framework for the operation of University owned or operated vehicles


COVID-19 update HSE - guidance for driver welfare​


​Drones Use of ​Drones and UAVs Policy​​​ ​
​DSE - Display Screen Equipment  ​​computers and other hand held devices guide

DSE summary​

​DSEAR assessment ​PDF ​ ​Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (guidance/flowchart)
Emergency Procedure

​​click here​   

What to do in the event of the fire alarm sounding or on discovering a fire


Emergencies - other

clic​k here​​

 e.g. hazardous chemical spillage, gas leak - link to emergency response procedures 


​Equipment ​​See under Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Events, Exhibitions and Filming

PD​F - summary

PDF - full


​External clients - leasing rooms / labs / equipment ​​Guidance for the management of external clients leasing rooms, laboratories or equipment from the University

(Word version of forms from Guidance document​)

External clients induction form

External clients - Responsible Person Duties ​

Filming See under Events, Exhibitions and Filming

​Fire Policy​​

Fire Summary Policy​

 Policy covering the fire safety management strategy for the university


First aid ​First Aid Policy​​  


​First aiders guidance ​​First Aiders Guidance​
​Hazardous Substances ​Hazardous Substances Policy (Safe Purchase, Storage and Disposal)​​
​Hazards - reporting of ​​​PDF - summary ​ ​
Health Surveillance

​​PDF - summary​

PDF - full​​


Heating click here Link to Property & Facilities policy
Homeworking click here   Link to HR&D policy



PDF - sum​mary

PDF - full​

Policy covers housekeeping throughout the University including workshops, laboratories, classrooms, offices and workrooms


Legionella click here   Link to Property & Facilities policy


​Legislation and Guidance ​Legislation and Guidance Register​
Lift Release Procedure click here Link to Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) - see page 5 of ERP document

​Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) ​Health & Safety Executive guidance : Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) - Work equipment and machinery (hse.gov.uk)​
​Manual Handling ​​Manual Handling ​Policy​​
summary flowchart​ ​ ​Manual handling assessment flowchart

Multi-functional Devices, Photocopiers and Laser Printers

PDF - summary

PDF - full​ 

Policy covering purchasing, installation and use of MFDs, photocopiers and laser printers


Noise Policy

Noise Policy Summary

Noise Assessment Flowchart 

Policy covering the University's obligations on noise assessment and preventative and/or protective measures


​Pagers ​​Pagers Policy (issuing of vibrating pagers)​

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

​Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy​​​

Photocopiers ​ See Multi-functional Devices, Photocopiers and Laser Printers
​Policy - School/Service H&S ​See under "School/Service Safety Policy/Codes"​
Printers See Multi-functional Devices, Photocopiers and Laser Printers


​3D Printing ​See Design, Development and Manufacture
Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER)

PUWER Policy​

PUWER flowchart - selection of work equipment ​



​Radiation - x-ray generators

Radiation - ionising radiation




​ ​
Restricted Areas

Restricted areas summary​

Policy covering access to restricted areas e.g. plant rooms

​Risk Assessment ​​​Risk Assessment Policy​
Flowchart​ ​ ​Guidance on risk assessment and how to carry out and complete the risk assessment form

Safe Systems of Work

Safe systems policy​

Safe systems summary​​​ 

School/Service Safety Policy/Codes PDF​

Policy template covering what should be included in individual school/service safety policies


Smoking click here   Link to Property & Facilities website


Statutory Inspections



Policy covering statutory inspections carried out by enforcement agencies or insurance/service engineers


​Stress ​Stress Policy​​ ​​​ ​
Stress Managers Guide
Stress Employees Guide​

Managing Stress e-Guide tool 
(external link to European Agency for Safety & Health at Work)

Supervision of Students


Policy covering the supervision of students in workshops and laboratories

Training and Competency

Policy​  policy covering training provided for staff as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act

Appendix 2 ​  Word version of blank competency matrix


Transportation of Gas Cylinders in Vehicles

Transportation of Gas Cylinders policy​

Transportation of Gas Cyclinders summary​

Policy covering driver requirements, vehicle requirements and safety rules for drivers


Travel Overseas


​Please see Travel ​

Any queries, please contact the Health & Safety Office


Violence at Work

Violence at Work Policy​


Visitors PDF Policy covering responsibilities for schools/services for safety of visitors

Water Management ​See under Legionella
​Work Equipment ​See under Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Working Alone

Working Alone Policy​​

Working Alone during Covid-19​​


​Working Alone - Social Researchers ​PDF policy​ ​ ​Policy providing guidance for social researchers, particularly those in the field on their own

Working Safely in Confined Spaces


click here    Link to Property & Facilities policy
Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare)

Workplace Regulations Policy

Workplace Regulations Summary​

Policy covering workplace health, safety and welfare requirements in the University



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