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click here to go to emergency response proceduresFire or Emergency Procedures


If you discover a fire:

  • operate the nearest alarm call point
  • call the Fire Service: dial (9) 999 and state " Fire at Edinburgh Napier University..." and give campus address
  • follow instructions below for "on hearing the alarm"


University emergency phone number extension 4444On hearing the alarm:

  • leave the building by the nearest exit, closing doors behind you
  • do not stop to collect belongings
  • do not use lifts
  • go to the nearest assembly point
  • do not re-enter the building until informed by the University Senior Fire Co-ordinator/Fire Officer
  • on no account should anyone drive out of the campus during a fire evacuation
  • staff, students and visitors with mobility difficulties should not use stairways but proceed to the nearest temporary waiting space and activate the two way communications panel (Sighthill, Merchiston and Craiglockhart - see Temporary Waiting Spaces​ for further information)
  • all staff and students who may need assistance in an emergency evacuation should have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)​ drawn up and have responsibility to inform the School or Service of their requirements
  • visitors - it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that all visitors are given the University's Fire Evacuation Procedure. The safe evacuation of visitors during a fire alarm is the responsibility of the host. Once the building has evacuated visitors should remain with their host at all times and ensure they are accounted for.


Fire Precautions and Procedures booklet

Fire Extinguisher Guide

Assembly Points​​

Fire Wardens

List of fire wardens​

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

Anyone requiring assistance to evacuate the building in an emergency should have a PEEP drawn up.

Further details

Temporary Waiting Spaces / Disabled Refuges

Temporary waiting spaces have been provided at Craiglockhart, Merchiston and Sighthill to assist anyone who may need assistance in an emergency evacuation and cannot immediately exit the building.  ​

Further details​

Emergency Response Procedures


The Emergency Response Procedures provide guidance to staff, students and visitors on the actions to be taken in response to a number of defined emergency situations e.g. gas leak, loss of electricity, medical emergency.


Details of the emergency response procedures are available on the Governance Services website


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