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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans



Under the Fire Legislation the University has a responsibility to ensure that there are arrangements in place to evacuate all persons within University buildings should the need arise. Accordingly, the University must ensure that it can safely evacuate people with disabilities without the assistance of the Fire & Rescue Service. This procedure is to enable the University to conduct its duties with respect to evacuation of disabled persons via the production and implementation of suitable and effective Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs).

Who might require a PEEP?

Please remember it is not only persons who have a disability which affects their mobility that may require a PEEP.
Other categories of persons who may require assistance in the event of a building evacuation may include, for example, those with visual or hearing disabilities.

The underlying question in deciding whether a PEEP is necessary is "can the individual evacuate the building unaided, in a prompt manner, during an emergency situation?" If the answer is "no", then it is likely that a PEEP will be required.


Students, staff or visitors requiring a PEEP have the responsibility to inform the School or Service of their requirements for assistance in an evacuation. Schools / Services are responsible for ensuring any persons within their area who require assistance to evacuate a building in an emergency have a PEEP drawn up.

Students requiring assistance in an emergency evacuation at the campuses must arrange a PEEP through their disability contact/Disability & Inclusion Team 

Students ​requiring assistance in an emergency evacuation at the residences must notify and arrange a PEEP through the Student Accommodation Team.

Staff requiring assistance in an emergency evacuation must arrange a PEEP through the Health & Safety Office


PEEP Procedure Flowchart

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Procedure Flowchart  ​​​


Temporary Waiting Spaces

 Information and location of temporary waiting spaces​


Procedure for Pagers

Pagers Procedure​​​​​