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Foyer Use

To book foyer tables, please contact Facilities Service Desk.

To book flipcharts, please contact Facilities Service Desk.  Please note that paper/pens are not supplied.​

Email: FacilitiesServicedesk@napier.ac.uk​

Tel: 0131 455 500​​0​

Foyer areas at each Campus can be used for various events including; exhibitions, catering, receptions, academic promotions and functions.​​

Craiglockhart Foyer Area

​1 Foyer Table available for booking


Merchiston Foyer Area

3 Foyers Tables available for booking

Sighthill Foyer Area

1 Foyer Table available for booking



There are strict guidelines and restrictions on what the foyer space can be used for, if you are unclear, please review our guidelines here for Use of Foyer/Public Spaces.


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